Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Change it Up!

I was inspired by a few bloggers last week to get out of my uniform rut.  As I looked through Terri's and V's month in review, I realised I've been wearing LOTS of skirts and jackets the past months.  And while this works well for me, I've just got to shake it up a bit every now and then.

Not that this is radical, or anything.  It's a dress with a cardigan--for a slight change.  I am not a cardigan over dress fan; harkens back to a day when all had our ratty cardigans hanging on the back of the chairs at the office- to don when cold.  Could be a little old lady. 

Do love this dress!  It was such a steal at Target--it's a Proenza Schouler --all silk--$39.99.  Check out the stitching detail on the sash.

Captain Morgan pose

Oh, and my fishnets and shooties~and I'm good to go.


  1. Blue is seriously your color! Amazing outfit (love the orange, I think I'm with you on cardigans).

  2. Way to shake things up, Paula!!! The fit of the dress is incredible and I absolutely love your shoes...unique and special!!

  3. You're right about the sweater over the back of the chair. A gal doesn't look all that sharp when she pulls the same stretched out sweater over her outfit every day of the week.

    I will admit to a pashima wrap that I keep in a drawer. When the A/C really gets going I put that over my legs sometimes. The people on the 8th floor all complain that they're hot and those of us in the basement are lucky if we aren't turning blue.

    That's a good look with the shooties and the textured stockings.

  4. Beautiful outfit Paula! I am longing for those shooties - could you post the brand? (or perhaps I missed it)

    I used to keep a raggedy sweater on my ofice chair, but reading the fashion blogs got me to toss it : >

  5. Paula, the dress and the jacket are amazing on you and I'm in love with your shoes and the tights!
    A really lovely outfit and it looks like you are ready for Summer

  6. Love those shooties! These colors look great on you and I love your smile!

  7. Perfect as always! I will agree blue is your color. In the past I too was in a sweater rut! I don't leave my pashima in a drawer I take a coordinating one each day. We have a wacky ac system where I work! But fashion be damned when its 20 below I'll be looking for the big sweater again!

  8. You look GREAT! These vibrant colors are fabulous on you! And I love how you work those shoes! Hugs girly! ~Serene

  9. That dress is a beautiful color! It looks great on you too.

  10. I love this dress! And it goes so well with the orange coat!

  11. I love the coral-orange coat with the quite and turquoise! It's vibrant and lovely!~

  12. The orange trench is gorgeous on you!

  13. I love the dress, yay for Proenza Schouler! I bet it's already sold out at Target. It looks great on you.

  14. Dhamma~But didn't I go out the other day and buy yet another cardigan?
    Pam~I am getting so much wear out of the shooties surprisingly. Anthropologie.
    Rose~Pashima is a great idea but they are always a fuss if you have to do something.
    Patti~the shooties I got at anthropoligie last season on sale. They still have LOTS of great ones.
    Ofelia~summer still hasnt arrived...still 50 ugh.
    Debbie~Thanks ever so!
    Hey Brett~and the lining is so cool; its polka dots~
    Tammy~That's why I usually end up wearing a jacket.
    Serene~Good to hear from you GF ttys
    Linda~Love the print too--not really a floral which I like.
    Vanessa~who would think orange and turquoise would go together
    Vanessa~that's what we love my color GF!
    Susan~I think it was a TJ Max find.
    Jill~I think it was actually last Season. I have worn it quite a bit and then forgot about it.
    Ann~they are fun and comfortable!

  15. To all~I posted responses yesterday to all of you, but when blogger went down, so did all of my comments! So Thanks to you all~I am off to see my son graduate this weekend so I'll catch up later! Love, Paula

  16. I love orange and blue on you.

  17. I love that dress and those shoes!