Thursday, May 12, 2011

Gauge of Horrification at the Post Office

While I'm getting dressed in the morning, I am sometimes thinking of the gauge of horrification I may encounter at the Post Office.  It may be as high as a 10 on those days I decide to toss aside all reason--and really dress wildly.  Other days I may sneak in and out without so much as scoring a 1.

This day I knew I would score at least a 5.  The shoes were worth a 3, and the fact that I was not dressing my age (whatever THAT is), I could tack on another 2.  This was further emphasized when I encountered yet more strange looks later at the mall.  Meanwhile, I was very comfortable in this get-up.  And I was very proud of myself that I was able to utilize this top I had originally bought for a beach cover-up.  I liked the neck detail so much I didn't want to get rid of it!

It always looks better in my drawings....


  1. No! You look even better than your sketches. But I love that you can sketch and then make it come alive. And age is but a number, right?

  2. I'm a fan of shirts with lacy necklines. It's good you figured out a way to give it a bit longer life!

    I got to a PO near work so it's very dull, lots of folks with McDonald's cups doing errands on their lunch out.

  3. I love this post and I was just getting ready to comment when blogger went down. Your long top and leggings look is very cute! Who wants to dress their age...I don't, where's the fun in that? And in reply, you know I do get Lucky and it's actually my favorite of them all. I had edited on my post and all my new edits were gone and I didn't notice it when I posted it. I had changed my list of mags because one I didn't get anymore and I had forgot Lucky so I added it but blogger took it away. This whole blogger thing has got me bummed. It's disheartening to think you can spend this much time on a blog and it could just be accidentally deleted in a snap of your fingers.

  4. You look much better in reality. Loving your drawings, though.

  5. Bottom line: if you feel great....doesn't matter what those postal workers think! LOL They wear UNIFORMS all day....not exactly feeding creativity! You look wonderful as always and the best thing about your outfits? They completely reflect your personality! Hugs! ~Serene

  6. I just LOVE the idea of you shocking people at the post office. It makes me giggle. Don't you dare stop! And that neckline detail is gorgeous.

  7. The real thing is so much better!
    Love , love the turquoise shirt-dress? with the leggings.

  8. I like the turquoise with the pale yellow - very pretty.

  9. It always, always looks better in real life. Your beautiful cheeky smile, your gorgeous golden locks and that amazing skin (!!!!!!) always brighten my day:))). I love your gauge - I'll be thinking of you and doing the same next time I'm out;))). xo

  10. Turquoise is a great color on you, and I like the capri leggings for giving life to an otherwise too short dress.

    Who cares what people think. Thats the beauty of being over 40, you get to not care!

  11. Gauge? Gauge? What is this word you speak of?
    Could it be the looks I get from the 30's at work that think jeans and a sweatshirt is all you need to wear? Or the women my age that still wear their hair and makeup like they did at 16? I'll take a 5 any day and actually I probably raise that a few times a week! Who cares you only get to be our age once in your life! So viva la girly girls!

  12. Patti~ I'd lvoe to really believe that age is only a number BUT hey, lets face it, it is REALITY. And sometimes the face needs to match a little with the body. But sometimes I DONT care!
    Rose~And I dont wear necklaces so this is a great neckline touch! Our PO is in a fairly conservative NE town, so its quite a shock when someone like me walks in~
    Debbie~I hear you GF! That's another reason tho, I'm glad to get away from the computer--it can be so FRUSTRATING! And I really like Lucky too. It sort of the way real people dress, albeit young, and hey. lets face it, we do have to edit our style a little for our age.
    Awwww, Sacramento--Thanks!
    Serene~Its not only the postal workers I shock--its the townies in this conservative, NE town.
    Miss you!
    Anne~I secretly laugh too. That is one thing about me that wont change--I always liked to shock people with my clothes, and I'll do it till I die!
    Ofelia~I can see you in this look too!
    Sheila~I thought it was a beter choice too! As you can see by the sketches, I had 2 different choices--went with the yellow.
    Desiree~What is your PO like? I love it, I was actually thinking of you on this post! Don't you just love to do a little of the shock factor still/
    Doreen~the only thing is, I dont want to be like Michael Jackson wearing PJ's to court....if you know what I mean.....
    Tammy~so glad there are people like you that understand! Hey, a girls gutta have fun!

  13. Really? But that outfit is so simple and stylish - how could anyone have a problem with it?