Tuesday, April 26, 2011


My pink leopard silk Japanese jacket by Bob Mackie?  $11.49--Building 19

First of all, I just have to say how thrilled and excited I am that Heather of Style Confessions nominated me for LINK LOVE over at Beautifully Invisible!!!  This weeks round-up has a twist--and that's me all over--twisted!  I am flattered to be named with some other impressive bloggers.  Thanks again, Heather!

Back to the meat of my blog today.  Hate to go on so, but I am still on this thing about "what makes you look old".  While pondering this question, beside me was the Vermont Country Store Catalog.  Since buying my wool, lace-like stockings from them, (last seen here) I have been on their mailing list.

And I have to say, it's almost a bible for what NOT TO WEAR--unless you want to look dated and old.  There are almost five pages on muumuu's, an assortment of pull on pants, perfumes from the 1920's (so you can smell old too); but my FAVORITE?

Yup, that's right ladies--TIRED OLD ASS SOAK.  Otherwise known as TOA.  Sort-of sounds good.  I wonder if it'll work in my hot tub? 


  1. LOL That's hilarious! Vermont Country Store? I've never even heard of that! Do they really sell those silly swim caps? Crazy!! Love that skirt! Hugs! ~Serene

  2. You had me at jacket! That is so cute!

  3. OK...that is so funny!! My husband could share a funny with all of you...I refuse to buy a bathing cap..so when I want to shower and not get my hair wet, I wrap a grocery bag around it with a clip...quite attractive and very aging!!!

  4. Re the Vermont Country Store: Check out the ugly panties in the Intimates section. There's even a pair so ugly they can't even print a real picture of them, only a sketch: Cotton Rib-Knit Snuggies (just above knee length, thank you very much). Ideal for summer, they say. They'd work really well under those muumuus, I bet. Along with one of their Posture Bras.

    They also sell, ahem, sexual wellness products. This is how they decided to pitch them to the over-65 set: "Intimate Solutions: For the next stage in your life." Wonder which gets more orders: "If You Loved Sea-Bond Denturite, Try Our Temporary Denture Reliners" ("Loved"? Really?) or "Supple, Pliable Massager Feels Lifelike for Greater Pleasure."

    For Mother's Day they suggest "Women's Short-Sleeve Sweatshirt--All the Comfort You'd Expect Minus That Bulky, Overheated Feeling."

  5. We stopped receiving that catalogue, but someone sent DH some of that OAS! I'm so happy your blog made the links at Beautifully Invisible.

    And I really like the bright, bright colors in this look.

  6. Actually, I'd been looking for a flowered bathing cap for my mother. I suggested water aerobics and she told me she didn't like to get her hair wet.

    The caps they sell at sports places are way too tight, those old fashioned ones slip on more easily.

    To me it's one of those things where if you're going to wear a bathing cap you might as well go all out......

    Of course when I brought the cap idea up she told me the water was too cold. Not that she's even dipped a toe into the water yet.

  7. Oh, please, please do another outfit on another day in front of the Japanese magnolia! You look just terrific in that setting - and the tree will just add to the sunniness of your smile!

  8. That's hilarious - TOA! I hope it works!

    I love LOVE this pink leopard!

  9. I'll be 60 Friday (have come to terms with it) and you give me hope, inspiration and laughs. Being the obsessive person I am you can never post enough thoughts on what makes us look old. Buttons? Who knew? And I never looked good in any bathing caps. lol!!!

  10. This is a hilarious post. I think I could use some of that soak today. I love your hot-pink leopard jacket, especially with the surprise of the blue underneath. Forget that soak and go get some champagne!

  11. I just snorted out some coffee. That TOA stuff sounds like just what I could use ( its been a loooong few weeks.) Now about the bathing caps, Maggie over at www.mightygirl.net looks super cute in her swim cap, so I actually think with the right attitude one could pull it off. However I'm sure not one of them.

    Love that pink jacket it looks spectacular on you. Three cheers for Building 19!

  12. Oh I used to get that catalogue! I didn't realize they sold 1920's era perfumes. That sounds kind of interesting.

    Thanks so much for the shout out. I did love your article. (:


  13. Well, when I was little I loved wearing my flowered bathing cap!

  14. Very youthful combination of colors and textures.
    Your smile still the best accessory!

  15. You have such an interesting blog that made me feel so positive.I'm 43 and I feel my needs are not the same as when I was younger.One of my concerns is to look age appropriate but I feel that I need to redifine what is appropriate for my age the way I have to redifine everything.We are moving so fast in every aspect of our lives ,things change so much we cannot rely on what women our age did before.So I welcome all these communities forming on the internet cause we really need each other.

  16. Serene~Vermont Country store is a legit place--it used to be a lot more popular than it is now...there is some sort of useful stuff there! Miss you--lets talk soon
    Tammy~so not tired old ass soak? Lol
    Pam~I do like what Rose said tho; hey if you're going to wear a bathing cap, you may as well go all the way! It can be sort of cute?
    Sue~I saw all that other stuff too! Little scary, but I was sort of proud of them for even HAVING the "sexual wellness" stuff! Hey, old ladies got to get it too!
    Terri~hey, we all feel like toas at some point--thanks!
    Rose~ I sort of agree with you on the cap; may as well go all the way!
    Linda~I will! It is in full bloom right now (fri) and it dosent last long so hopefully I'll get one more pic in!
    Sheila~I can see that pink leopard in your wardrob!
    Myidahohome~Hello! 60 is going to be tough--dont even want to think of it yet...I'm 56 sooooo. I hear you on the bathing caps--I have a pin head so it only exagerates that!
    Jill~How about the soak in the hot tub with the champagne!
    NEchic~so you know what a junk shop it is! But for 25 bucks, you can have some fun!
    Heather~the perfume intriqued me also..course I dont want to smell like an old lady, but I am so sick of the same old scents, maybe one might be interesting...should I send for samples?
    Susan, I remember mine too with the flowers on it!
    Ofelia~ awwwwww
    Angie~It is a slippery slope sometimes GF and a balancing act--but I want to have fun and laugh about it--come join me!

  17. My dear Paula, you are always so fantastic and so kind.
    I can see that the snow has dissapeared and your garden is in full bloom.
    Much love, my dear friend.

  18. So, have you tried the TOA soak? does it work? LOL Thanks for posting, made me laugh, for sure. Love the pick jacket and I have wanted a magnolia tree forever, yours is beautiful.

  19. First off-that jacket is amazing! I love it with the aqua, what a perfect color combination. And the TOA gave me a good chuckle as well! Enjoy the weekend!

  20. cute coat...those colors are my fav! :D