Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Crazy Lady

Yup, I'm just a crazy lady today--and this, my first day back at work.  When I bought this designer jacket at JC Penny, and I just kept on dreaming about this combination!  Go figure.  Maybe what influenced this crazy combo is the fact that I didn't want to wear the same old winter clothes again.

Course, maybe I went to far.  I'm intrigued at the pattern mixing thing, and debated many times before I left the house this morn if I should go for it.  I did. 

I do love these stockings tho!  They are a dainty, lace stocking that are a combo of merino wool and lycra.  So comfortable, yet not so fragile that I worry about them.  Perfect for spring.  And can you believe I got them at the Vermont Country Store on sale?


  1. Maybe I am crazy too...but I like it! sometime you just have to mix things up!!

  2. I like it! The more mixing of patterns and colors I see, the more I want to get in the fun, too.

  3. What fun pattern mixing! Loving this look, Paula!

  4. Lovely mixture of patterns and the lace stockings look comfortable and sexy!!

  5. I'm a big fan of patterned tights and loving the mixing and matching of stripes and florals--will have to give it a go for spring.

  6. Hey, you're still blogging! I'm glad. I especially love the skirt with the tights. You've inspired me, I'm going to wear hot pink today too.

  7. I think I saw that jacket in the JCPenney commercial last night. Our store closed in January. I will miss it, they had nice clothes for someone my age and that is where I could find a dress.
    Good for you for having the confidence to dress with color and pattern. I can only do one pattern in clothing...but in cards/scrapbooking I can easily combine them.
    BTW I finished the SECRET LIVES OF DRESSES. I really liked it and will suggest it to my book club. it even has discussion questions in the back. Since I am frugal (aka cheap) I borrowed it from the library (and the first one to read it).

  8. You look like you're having fun and that's what matters the most!

  9. Pam~Glad to have another crazy lady on board! Thx :~)
    Debbi~I'm still experimenting, as you can see;but I'm having fun~
    Thx sheila, I actually thought of you--this is your pose!
    Ofelia~glad u like the stockings too!
    Laura~And I'm seeing a lot of mixed patterns in dresses too--remember the days of never mixing stripes and a print?
    Jill~Have to cheer things up~weather is so dreary here!
    Linda~no one goes to JC penny here, and they have a lot of designers now~at reasonable prices too.
    I put that book on my list--thanks for the info!Susan, it is about having fun dressing--like we used to, remember?

  10. Think I need to revisit the Vermont Country Store!

    this outfit looks very "mod" to me.