Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Snow and Shooties

Because of THIS last Friday~

I was unable to wear THESE until this week.

All based on my sketch the week before.  

wool tweed jacket~thrifted
linen skirt~Marshall's
wool stockings~Wolford

Yippee!!! Finally!!


  1. Paula, this look is a bit Emilio Pucci!! Love the entire outfit and your house surroundings!

  2. Paula!!! My blogger is all out of whack. It hasn't been showing any of your posts lately. I was thinking that you had just been busy. So I got to catch up on your blog today!! You've been looking GORGEOUS girlie! Once again, I just love your sketches. I absolutely could not draw out what I wear, but yours is literally artwork. I remember seeing these shooties on you before....they're adorable and so you!! Big hug to you and from now on, I'm just going to have to check your blog on my own and not count on blogger. ~Serene

  3. I second that Yippee! That storm was dreadful, but here we are back to semi-dry ground. You look GREAT in that outfit. That jacket and skirt combo where made for each other. And once again Anthro ramps up the funky-factor, those shooties and super cute.

  4. I'm in love with that skirt, Paula! It's so gorgeous! Glad your snow has gone away!

  5. What a fantastic skirt. And you've got to know that with all the grey, I would be a BIG FAN of this look. Sorry about the snow.

  6. Your sketch is amazing, as is your outfit. Very creative!

  7. Oh, I LOVE those shoes! It seems like they could go with everything! Fun print on the skirt, too :)

  8. Skirt is amazing! love the colors and your booties!

  9. Ofelia~I never thought of Emelio Pucci on the skirt, but you are right! Thanks!
    Serene~I was wondering were you were gf! I thought it was something I said....just kidding. I love these shooties...they are more practical than I thought, but cant wear them in the snow!
    NE chic~I wanted to cry, literally, that day. Eventhough I had gone to fla., it was just so hard to take! n thanks.
    Sheila~thanks gf--they had this skirt in a similar graphic print--cool colors and I still regret not getting it!!
    Terri~This was the skirt I was telling you about last year that works well as a mix with winter stuff.
    Style Crone~Thanks and it helps me to remember.
    Artfully Awear~The shooties are one of my favorties to wear! and the skirt I can wear 3 seasons.
    Vanessa~Thanks gf and now I want another pair in black....oh oh

  10. I am so glad the snow has melted for you to show us your lovely, lovely outfit.
    Loving you skirt so much. You know how I am for skirt.
    Thank you for your kind words ,my dear fairy friend.

  11. I really like this skirt! I love the pattern in it. I also like your shoes -- I'm not a big fan of flats, but I really like these.

  12. Oh Paula I'm so glad you finally got to wear this lovely ensemble once the mud cleared and the sun came out:)). I love the clog advice - they're actually more stylish than gumboots aren't they? xo