Monday, April 4, 2011

Prayer to the Gods of Low-heeled Boots

In this week's sketches,  I was inspired to mix some of my summer clothes with my winter ones for a Spring look.  I've done this in season's past, and I try and combine DIFFERENT outfits from my newest acquisitions.

One of these combos started with my dyed sun-dress from last summer--a re-thrift.  It has the potential of working in a spring re-mix because this is a fairly substantial knit--which I think makes the summer components work.  The jacket is a wool boucle, designer sample size I nabbed at a discount store.  I did need some warmth underneath, and so my trusty body suit helped on that note.

The boots?  I decided they needed an update. They stay in my wardrobe because they have a comfortable heel at about 2".  After work, I searched for a black shootie with a nice, small heel.  Do you think that is possible?  Maybe...but unlikely.  What is up with these 5" HEELS OUT THERE???  SERENE????  Please help--gods of the low-heeled boots...


  1. Love the dress and YOUR looks great! I love green and black together...All of my boots are low heeled...the high heeled days are gone for me anyway!! I believe you will find it..keep looking!!

  2. I love lime green!!!! I often wear shades of green with purple. Looks good.

  3. Very pretty. I love that color of green.

  4. We sure do have to get creative around here with the spring-that-is-more-like-winter temperatures. Great job accomplishing that task. The good news about heel height is that wedges seems to be pretty prolific for spring/summer and those I find are much nicer on the feets:)

  5. I don't have anything specific for you on low heel boots, but check out the web-site. They are having a clearance sale on boots today; you may find something you like! I have purchased several pair of boots and shoes and am always very happy with their service and quality. Let me know if you have any questions......

  6. I'm with you on low-heeled shoes. When I find'em I buy'em because they won't be there the next time I come through.

  7. Paula, great combination of prints and texture and I love the low heels booty!
    The jacket is a great pop of color in the outfit!

  8. I hope your prayers are answered, I too am sick of the foot fatigue involved with these skyscraper heels!! And at 5'2" I should want to be taller, but my feet don't like it!!

  9. I can't help with the low-heeled boots, although I have a couple of pair of ropers I've inherited from my mother. I am admiring your dyed sun-dress. What color was it originally?

  10. Love the winter-to-spring look! Purple and green is just so Eastery!

  11. Pam~thanks for noticing the hair--just had it done last week!
    Linda~I love green and purple too! Complimentary colors and all....
    Tammy~one of my favorite colors!!
    NEchic~I agree on the wedge note--they are very comfortable too and have enlarged my search to include wedges!
    Thanks AnnMarie! I will check them out~
    Rose~and while I was shopping for them another women was complaining about the heel height. I mean who wears those anyway?
    Ofelia~andd thats why I hang onto those boots--thanks!
    Animal House~lol--do you wear those 4" things? They are almost cruel...
    Terri what are ropers? Oh, and my dress was white and black before--so I overdyed it. I should have provided the link...
    Vanessa~I didnt even think of Easter!!but so true~

  12. I absolutely LOVE your sketches.
    You should frame your favorites and hang them in your dressing area!
    On short boots?
    I'd just type in "short heeled boots" on Google and see what comes up.
    I think Zappo's has lots!

  13. Oh I so agree with you about the heels. I don't mind the 5" heels, but it would be nice if there were some OPTIONS for people who want a 1 1/2 inch or a 2 ". I just can't wear the 5" variety anymore, and I hate to be stuck in flats all the time.