Monday, April 11, 2011

Mud Season = Clogs

Yup, its mud season here in the NE and ya know what that means?  CLOGS!  Hate to keep beating a dead horse here, but they are the most practical shoe for our muddy spring here.

I discovered this gem of information during the spectatorship of my son's sports--having to schlep to the field made a practical shoe imperative. Clogs fit the bill because the platform sole keeps you high and dry and the leather is usually durable.  Something our ancestors discovered years ago.  Clogs kept the wearer out of the mud, and whatever other debris there was on the road.

Of course, any platform shoe will do the same thing, but clogs tend to be more utilitarian in their style.  The tricky thing is not getting them TOO utilitarian looking!  Otherwise, I may look like I am tending sheep on the Swedish countryside.  The best clogs are the ones that are more refined--less clumsy looking.  And the wooden soles?  They may be too hard on my feet--so I look for something softer.

Any other shoe solutions to mud season?


  1. I would love to give you suggestions for mud...but we have forgotten what mud is in South Texas! We are in a severe drought...the state is experiencing more wildfires than every before. I would love to see rain or it will be a long hot summer! If I need mud shoes, I will give a shout out!

  2. Clogs are great for mud season, even if we really don't have that down here. Personally, I would opt for the wooden bottom ones with leather top. But you always look great in whatever you wear! Love you girl! ~Serene

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  4. Thanks for reminding me that, while spring promises a new begining, it is also a very dirty time of year.....I forgot to put that in my post for today. Yup, muddy, ocky, stuff is here too.

  5. I've been wearing my tall rain boots a lot lately since I don't own any clogs and I spend a lot of time in the park with the kids. It's nice to tuck jeans into them and not come home with muddy cuffs.

  6. Ahh--April showers! I'm glad your feet are prepared!

  7. I slosh around in several pairs of vintage rain boots, they have a tall shaft to tuck pants in and keep splashes off my legs. But it's nice to just slip on clogs and go, no sitting down and pulling up required!

  8. I bought both my boys LLBean clogs. They have that brown rubber toe with the tan leather upper. They sat in their closets for the longest time and last weekend I happened to see a pair go by on a boy's feet. It was rainy.

    Clogs are perfect not only for mud but also for rain and DC area sidewalks that are covered with overflowing gutters.

  9. Paula, clogs are great but for me are some rain boots are even better. Some of the them are very colorful or have dots or prints design. They also are quite versatile.

  10. I wear what everybody else calls rain boots but I call them my sh*t kicking boots. I love them! Mine are not really cute ones, but I love them all the same. Huge story behind them.

  11. I go for a pair of Wellies when it is muddy out

    They are as comfy as clogs and you don't get mud splattered on the backs of your calves if you are wearing them :)

  12. Pam~I have heard about the drought; I have friends that are experiencing that also. Not a good thing. I guess yucky mud is better than none....
    Serene~They have some really cute, but HIGH clogs out this year too. I cant wear the wood ones as I said, altho I could put some comfy sole things in there. Love ya, gf!
    Jill~it just puts a damper on what to wear, no?
    Artful~hmmm and I got a pair of totally unpractical shooties today, so much for being prepared!
    stan~I am just so sick of boots--and you are right, its just so much easier to slip on a clog!
    Rose~I like guys in clogs...I had a friend who used to wear them..very cool.
    Ofelia~They have the cute wellies now that are all bright prints and stuff. As I told stan..I am just so sick of boots after the winter. I have worn nothing but boots for the past four months, so as cute as they are, not for me yet anyway.
    Kari~love to hear the story....
    Brett~I hear ya on the mud on the back...I can see you in the wellies....They are CUTE! Something to think about~thanks all!

  13. I love the wellies for mud!
    and of course, the green garden clogs ;)

    I really LOVE those anthro. shoe !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I know that I dug my old Danskos out of a box that were about to be delivered to the local thrift store. I cannot part with them until I have another pair...Can't get the video to work. :(