Thursday, March 31, 2011

Darn Moths

Do you ever wonder how and when those moths get into your wool sweaters?  I mean, when does this go on?  I see moths around our lights outside, but I never see them in my closet.  Anyway, those pesky insects made petite holes in this sweater!

sweater~J.Peterman Catalog
I still love this sweater and was very bummed when I found the holes.  Even though this sweater is about 10 years old, other than the holes, its still in pretty good shape.

So when I got home from work, I darned my sweater.  Yup, DARN, you heard me correctly.  Does that date me or what?  Darning works best on knitted things, and I must say, it looks as good as new!  Anybody else out there DARN LATELY???


  1. Yep, just rescued a knit top that the washer or dryer decided to take a nibble out of. Darning rules.

  2. Paula, I really like how you layer this outfit and the print in the blue dress is fantastic!!!

  3. I really like that blue printed dress/top too!

  4. Hi Paula, I wish I knew how to darn! Maybe I'll look online for instructions. I'm glad you saved your sweater. I have a problem with moths too. I love the dress you are wearing too, the print is wonderful.

  5. Love that dress/tunic and the leggings, its VERY flattering on you. Perhaps you could give us a video tutorial on darning? I'd love to have that skill.

  6. The moths got at my wonderful long striped cashmere sweater last summer. Giant holes.
    I can't give it up, though. I just strategically hide the holes. And I gave the cat a talking to - he's supposed to kill the moths!

  7. I have not darned, but darn it: You look so cute in this! And, good reminder to me to get out my moth protection!

  8. AAAARG!! I hate moths, and I've done my share of darning!! I recently had a wool dress patched at the cleaners and the hole completely disappeared!! I need to find a good re-weaver for a Rudi G dress that got nibbled on!! GRRRRR!!!

  9. I thought you only darned socks LOL
    that top you are wearing is too cute
    Moth Hate over here. those moths ruined a beautiful pair of winter white pants of mine this winter!

  10. A very good reminder that my wool sweaters need to go to the cleaners this weekend before I forget about them. Moths are sneaky little things!

  11. I am very impressed that you know how to darn and that you actually did it! Next, you'll be fixing socks!

  12. Parisgirl~It works! Glad to see someone else darns--worthwhile practice, no?
    Ofelia~Love this dress/tunic too--have gotten a lot of wear out of it. I got it second hand, but as you may or may not know, second hand stores here are now sort of expensive. I pd $35 for it--its all silk and worth it based on cost per wear...
    Mommyblogger~Thanks an thanks for commenting! See my coments to ofelia above on the dress if you want...
    Jill~maybe I can do a tutorial on darning--its relatively painless.
    NEchic~maybe I can do a video...hmmmmm
    Sheila~lets try and darn the darn thing! The sweater, not the
    Vanessa~almost that time again...I use lavendar from my garden--what do you use?
    stan...darning is easy on knit things like sweaters; gets more difficult to re-weave on a finer material. Good luck!
    Brett~darning works on anything that can be re-woven. See a new thing you learned!
    Rose~so true...they are sneaky things.
    Terri~arent you tho? I was going to post pics of me Socks I throw out.

  13. Sometimes imperfection adds to the charm of the piece! How talented of you to know how to 'darn.'

  14. you are so pretty and spunky! i love that refreshing color of blue of your dress! =)

  15. Style Crone~thanks but talent really has nothing to do with it--its damn Yankee practicality!
    Hope~thanks so much Hope~thanks for stopping by! Will check you out too~

  16. some times I don't 'give a darn', does that count???? *wink*

  17. I've never darned a thing, but I like the proportions of your sweater and the tunic. Very nice!


  18. Ahhh, I've totally darned holes! My mom taught me the basics of mending and I'm eternally grateful.
    :) f
    The House in the Clouds