Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Not a Maxi

Although there are a few reasons to wear a longer dress--hairy legs or cold weather--they are not one of my favorites.  Since Everybody, Everywhere is doing maxis, of course that was all I could think of this morning while I was getting dressed!  And with the nor'easter blowing in, I thought I'd dig this skirt out of my closet.

As my skirt is not technically a maxi, this tea-length presents it's own problems for me.  The only way I can wear it is with boots, and the cowboy boots, err, well, just would have made it look too western--too hoedown.  My only choice was the heeled boots; oh the pain.

The only thing I'm really feeling here (nostalga) is this neckerchief that dates back to before high school~ an Oscar de la Renta--how do you like that? The skirt? Save it for another rainy day.


  1. Looking out my window I see a lot of brown/green as the trees leaf out. You look just perfect for the day!

    I'm still seeing lots of boots on commuters. I think they'll probably be around until the days sit in the 75 degree range permanently.

  2. We're in a little cold snap here, too, but it may improve tomorrow. I do like your skirt with the boots. I don't know if my maxi was really a maxi or if I'm just short!

  3. I love all of your boots...that is one thing sad about summer go in a box! I noticed yesterday that many of the bloggers on the maxi-challenge admitted to not really liking longer skirts. I would guess there are not too many who have several in the closet. You look great in the tea length and actually could do a lot with it!!

  4. First of all radiant smile, second I love the soft green with the brown and third-Oscar-lucky you!
    I meet Oscar De La Renta in the early 80's at Plaza Las Americas in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He was promoting his perfume and accessories. He was super charming and good looking!

  5. At my age I can't wear maxi skirts unless they're part of a very skimpy maxi dress. I just look frumpy. The longest a skirt can be on me these days is just past the knee, and only it it's tight and sexy to begin with. All the other one's hit just above the knee. Sigh.

  6. I hate maxis ... I cheated for the challenge. I wouldn't have even done it, but I had the dress in my closet for who knows how long! Have no idea where it even came from. Anyway. I liked the way I looked, but I didn't like the maxi, and I know that I'll never wear it again -- but I did like the dress -- I am probably going to end up cutting it off. Anyway, you did good here! Love your color combo! I am struggling with colors right now.

  7. Paula, I think this actually looks beautiful on you! The neckerchief is beautiful!! I like the maxi, but do feel a bit self conscious wearing something that long. Let's catch up!! ~Serene

  8. What about a kitten heel with this length? I love how this outfit looks on you, but try breaking out of what you think "should" go with it!

    Lovely as always, Paula!

  9. Well, I like you in this length of skirt and with the painful boots! I am impressed by how long you have owned the scarf.

  10. You look great in the skirt and I love the color combo. I actually love maxis, going all the way back to the 70's.

  11. I love your scarf with those bold gold hoops. You look really good, you should do that combo a lot! And an Oscar de la Renta scarf to boot, it's win-win.

  12. I think you look fantastic, and the touch of the scarf adds that especial flair.

  13. Rose~ I am so sick of boots! I feel like I'm in the third grade and I have to wear boots to school every day. I am so sick of them! But, yes, the colors are soothing~
    Debbi~lol, I'm tall so this could have been a maxi...
    Pam~ but you'd be sick of them if you had to wear them for 5 months--I've had it!
    Ofelia~Lucky girl--when I got this scarf, I know he was a designer, but time has really proven that he is a classic and I still love his designs.
    Ew boy Heather, I couldnt agree with you more! I think the longer length makes me feel frumpy too. Not a favorite. Evrey time I buy one, it lasts in my closet maybe 1 season!
    Kari~I hear ya, gf! I dont like the way I feel in the long skirts/dresses--too turn of the century. And how much are they a pain in the neck to get around in!
    Serene~I feel schleppy in a maxi--unless its a ball gown.
    Thanks Sheila for the suggestion, but my ankles are really skinny, and the tea length really emphasizes that--sometimes a shoe with a thicker ankle strap works...:~)
    Terri~one of the older things in my wardrobe--I was surprised too!
    Style~I liked them better in the 70's! I made a lot of them and used to wear them to concerts all the time. Very hippie.
    Jill~Love honking hoops--I was actually looking for my pink pair, and couldnt find them!
    Sacramento~thanks and I like the smaller scarf today rather than the big ones....

  14. Count me as another fan of this skirt length! I like how it swings so freely!

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  16. I totally love the length and would wear it with dark platforms with dark leather straps. And that scarf is to die for ! You look fabulous and I think you should try it again. Cheers!

  17. Me too! on loving the longer skirts. You are so funny about feeling like third grade : > In Florida it's now too hot for boots, but I'd like your skirt with some wedge sandals. And the smaller scarf is fantastic.