Monday, April 18, 2011

Daffodils and Shooties

I know you have been here before: styling dilemma.  And I was so excited about these shoes yet the vision didn't match up with reality!  (The gods of the low-heeled shooties answered my prayers).   There I was, running late--searching for the combination for my new shooties.

Shooties; cage sandals--whatever..~Designer Wearhouse, $35

The dilemma played out as follows:  tried white socks, cut white socks, white socks didn't work.  Couldn't wear tights--had decided to wear bare legs.  Tried fish-nets with longer, capri pants.  Looked like a can-can dancer from a Toulouse-Lautrec painting.  Took off longer capri pants.  Finally tried this combo--and with no time left--had to go with it.  Felt a little like a boxer though....

At the end of the day, I love my new shooties--very comfortable heel--but I FROZE!!! It only got up to about 42~ugh--and with my bare legs!

But the original inspiration for the outfit (bare legs and yellow shrug) came from my daffodils.  They have finally risen.


  1. Hi Paula, With your blue and yellow, you do match the sky and daffodils.. I love this color of yellow, so soft. It is going to be in the 90s here today and I forget that there are many people still cold...down here, no socks just happy painted toes showing. The shooties are really cute!!

  2. Paula, you look adorable! This ever changing weather has me completely perplexed when it comes to getting dressed every day, so I'm feeling your dilemma. The shoes with the blue socks almost looks like that's the it's one piece. You work it so well!!! LOVE the earrings! Hugs girly! ~Serene

  3. I think that look, with the shooties and socks, is amazing! Adorable and very cool. And the socks do sort of look like part of the shoe, I agree.

  4. Daffodils! Those are cute shooties and socks. You look happy :-).

  5. I like this look and I love your shoes! The blue socks are perfect with them and I like those knee length jeans. I've been looking for something along those lines.

  6. I've seen some sandals as DSW that look like they have a sock inside them. Not nearly as colorful as yours!

  7. Paula, you look radiant and happy. The shoes look great with the blue socks and I really like the capris and the yellow cardigan. The entire look is fabulous!

  8. I love the bright socks with the new shooties! Congrats on finding them. I think I like these dark ones better. Can't get the video to work.

  9. Pam~and I have unpainted toes (ugh!) but until they can come out and play....
    Serene~that's what most people thought! so think of all the color combos! Thanks gf~
    Anne~and a nice low heel.
    Sue~the daffodils are making me happy evrey morning...
    Debbi~I actually sacrificed some full length jeans for this shorter version. It IS the perfect length! so find some jeans to cut...
    Rose, I'll have to check them out! The dsw here is a drive so I dont tend to go there..
    Thanks Ofelia! I feel like spring!
    Terri~bummer about the from my end.

  10. Paula,
    Just got back from Florida and you are right all shapes and sizes wear 2 piece suits. I think they must have a mirror shortage in some of those condos!
    Your outfit is adorable. I got into the boyfriend jean thing last year. As soon as it warms up I will be rocking my roll up jeans and wedges.

  11. I desperately am in need of a pedicure!
    It's a lot like washing my hair, I am just lazy!
    Love the sock/shoe combo!

  12. Cute shoes! It's sandal weather here in LA, and my last few posts have included my bare toes. Like retro reva I need a pedicure. Anyway, I like your socks with sandals. It's cute!


  13. I absolutely adore the shoes. They are so unique. I like them with or withou socks.

  14. Paula--it says that the video is private. Do I need to subscribe to you on YouTube to see it?

  15. I didn't realize that these are what are called shooties?! I wonder why? Ha ha about the boxing comment. I wore a belt the other day that my coworker told me that it looked like a boxing belt :-)

  16. Tammy~You make me laugh! Hey, a world without mirrors...mmmmm
    Riva~I go for a pedi tomorrow and I am so excited! I freeze my toes off, oh well!
    Heather~so jealous. I had to wear BOOTS TODAY IT WAS SO COLD!
    Sacramento~ and I have them both ways. Love them--so comfy!
    Terri~thanks so much for letting me know that Terri--I went back into you tube to change it so it should work now! Thanks GF!!!!
    Kari~its funny how we get some visual in our head! anyway, i heardthe shootie thing last year--sort of sandal, bootie, shoe thingy. Or sometimes I saw Cage sandals too. Anyway, they are fun, no?

  17. Thanks for the tip, I am a new follower!

  18. Love your new daffodil video! It's so springy to see such beauty flowering! Now, if only we could get rid of the blanked of slushy snow on the ground in Michigan!