Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Meaning of Life--er sort of.

Have I told you I am a bit of an old movie aficionado?  I was watching The Razors Edge the other night with Tyrone Power and Gene Tierney--which is a movie about the meaning of life. And after I was reading blogs the other night, I began to ask what is meaning of life?  Well, with respect to the blogisphere, that is!

Every now and then, I guess, I become somewhat retrospective and ask, what am I doing here?  I read my friends blogs--some are great writers, some great photographers, some very funny, some are good at baring their soul and still others are great poets.  I have to wonder: Where do I fit in in the mix?

It always seem to come back to this:  I really want to inspire women my age to have fun dressing.   So many of my friends have lost interest.  I can't blame them--it's hard to shop at our age.  There are a lot of things working against us--our bodies are changing, styles are catered to girls half our age, things don't fit right--I could go on and on.

This spot I chose because the only other flowers that are blooming in my yard are here!

Yet, everyday I am inspired by the things around me, whether it is art, flowers, other bloggers, fashion magazines--it gives me that little joy in life that partly makes me feel young again, but more importantly, makes me happy and fulfilled.

blouse~Victoria Secret--on sale--all silk-$19.99
skirt~love the high waist! Newport News

I know this could be interpreted as shallow--I mean its only clothes--but its the creative spirit that isn't superficial.  And I want to share it~


  1. the fashion bloggers that I read have inspired me, even tho I mainly wear jeans and a casual top. Especially this time of year I am looking to add more color and I like unusual color combos: red & purple, lime & doesn't have to match, just 'go' :-) We had a record snow fall here on tuesday but the peep toe shoes will come out for Easter...sometimes one has to suffer for fashion. LOL

  2. IT'S THE CREATIVE SPIRIT I WANT TO SHARE!! And you should, Paula!! You are so creative and joyful and women our age need to be surrounded by that. I love your looks, your sketches, and your joy!! We need more over 50 women who are living life out loud so that others who are shutting down will be inspired to come outside with us!! It is something I believe so strongly is needed. Don't doubt your are doing an important thing!!

  3. I'm delurking to say that it isn't at all shallow or superficial, and that I'm really thankful you and other bloggers over 23 are out there. :) I'm 48 and in the last year have made a real effort to break out of the rut of T-shirt and jeans, and I feel infinitely better in all sorts of ways for having done so. I rely on this community of bloggers for ideas, inspiration, and camaraderie. Keep doing what you're doing--there are way more people out there like me who read what you post.

  4. Very well put Paula!!! Beauty inspires us all and is one of the things that makes life worth living. So the power of beauty (even in the eye of the beholder) should never be underestimated. I love this and brown are beautiful together! Headed over to FB to catch up! Love to you! ~Serene

  5. I love swimming in the deep end of the pool...thinking about why we do things can really help to enrich our lives. I don't think fashion is shallow, I think it's a way to present oneself to the world and express our creativity. I for one, work in a very non-creative field, and if I didn't have some way to unleash my inner voice I think I might just go nuts. No one wants to see that ;)

    Enjoy those lovely blooms - I'm still waiting for mine.

  6. Paula, creatativty can be defined in so many ways!! I say fashion blogging is definitely a creative outlet for me. I get to play with color, texture, pattern, porportion and I get to pretend I can write! What's more creative than that?

  7. Where are your sharing buttons?!!! I want to tweet this article, because it's great and it's NOT shallow at all.

    I know what you mean about clothing being so difficult as you get older. I think it's so hard to find clothes that look fashionable but not silly. My body too is changing, and I don't want to look like mutton dressed as lamb. Oh, I could go on and on. My blog is mostly just a creative expression, but I think your motives are wonderful.


  8. Hi Paula, your joy is infectious. Thank you for sharing your passion for clothes.

    I visit primarily to see your sunny face and read your thoughts though, not so much for the outfits themselves, as I can't wear anything you wear! (Well, maybe the boots, but boots aren't my thing.)

  9. Paula,
    I always enjoy reading your blogs. Your sense of humor is infectious. As a new blogger myself, I find blogging about clothes helps me to be more adventurous in my clothing selection. I have learned a lot from you girls.
    So keep up the good work.

  10. For me dressing is a way to express myself and to create or recreate a mood or an emotions that I feeling at that moment.
    I think that you look romantic and flowy with that lovely shirt and the cardigan!
    Have a fantastic Easter weekend,

  11. You said it for me! Wow ... you know, it took me a while to put up my first post, and then I started posting, and I was hiding in the dark (they were all drafts). And I don't know what made me take the plunge -- I think just putting some up in draft form (and oh boy can you go through my blog to the very beginning -- there's nothing there but pics). I still don't know exactly where I fit in, and I don't know where I'm going, but it's more of an outlet -- a way to share some of me now that my kids are grown. I've been having some pretty rough personal struggles and I was really crashing. I still crash, but I pick myself up much faster, and people have noticed the difference in me. sorry - didn't mean this to be all about me. just wanted to say thanks for your post.

  12. Ooooh love the silk blouse, it looks incredibly soft and delicate and the colour is beautiful with your peaches and cream complexion:))). Your thoughts are NOT shallow my dear, shallow is ignoring your feelings, not thinking about how you feel and how you want to feel through the way you look. I think it's even more important as we age, and with age comes the fact that rarely do we look as young as we feel inside. Clothes are our way of expressing our history and experiences - there's no room for the cardboard cutout, straight-out-of-a-mag, safety zone look. We have to face the fact that we are getting old and if we're lucky we'll live 'til a ripe old age. I want to make every day count. xoxo

  13. Paula--that blouse is beautiful. I suspect many style bloggers go through moments of re-evaluating fairly frequently. I know it tends to hit me about once a month. You have helped to shake me out of my rut...and that's why you're here. Razor's Edge is an excellent film.

  14. Linda~Glad to see those great ideas on color combos and cant wait to see your peep toe shoes; I'm wearing my peep toes, freezing tho, but at least I have my toes painted now!
    Thanks for the encouragement, Pam! It feels good to be appreciated! Thanks to for the kind words.
    Sue, I love hearing this! Especially that you feel better for getting out of the jeans and tee shirt rut. Isnt it funny how it makes you feel better?
    Serene~and thats what it is--little bits of beauty. When I was dancing, that was also a little bit of pretty everyday.
    NEchic~I love that--swimming in the deep end....and also I am finding, as time runs out, I love sharing my fashion passion with bloggers as my friends arent so interested.
    Brett~its definately a creative outlet for me too and I had to laugh, because I have to pretend I am a writer too!
    Heather--thanks so much and I dunno--the tweeting was a bit too much for me. I tried it a couple of months ago and--i it was so much noise--If you know what I mean...looks like we are on the same page~
    Susan~thats good enough for me. I dont expect most people to have the same style as me--I know I am a little out there. I guess I hope that my courage may be infectious! Hey, the worst I will do is make a few laughs...
    Tammy~Its funny how blogging has made us all a little more daring and a little less critical of ourselves somehow...
    Ofelia~Glad to have you aboard! Happy Easter to you too!
    Kari~it was wierd, my blog helped me out of a depression! So keeep blogging gf!
    Desiree~Have you seen the cartoon of the old lady saying she doesnt want to live without looking like she lived life? Thats what I want! And I know you understand!!! You are one that loves to live, express herself without any fear--kudos to you too, gf!
    Terri~and Somerset Maughm is one of my favortie authors--at least I didnt have to go to the himilayas to find the answer....

  15. Oh, I think Fashion is a terrific medium of art!
    I am inspired by pretty,vintage and clever outfit and am inspired by learning how to photograph them, too!
    Fashion is very creative!
    And I don't think any type of art, whether it's a Monet, a refrigerator finger painting(i love those) or clothing!
    I LOVE your sketches !!!!
    Sometimes, I will spend hours making widgets or creating tee transfers on my computer or just surfing for the Fashion "art"!
    Most are never even seen, but i feel it's necessary for us humans to create!

  16. Thank you Paula, for a very inspiring post! You hit it on the head about shopping for us 50+ women. But I too am still inspired by all the beauty and creativity around.
    And I LOVE your denim skirt - I am off to look for it at Newport News.

  17. Lovely outfit! I love denim skirts--they are so versatile. Great spring look!

  18. Riva~tis true--fashion is a great artistic medium--for people like us--we have discovered it. But many have not found their creative medium yet...
    Patti~I actually got another skirt like this at Newport news and just gave it up--we should have swapped! Had I it was a few years ago so GOOD LUCK!
    Artful~I do too--cant have enough. This one is a little long, am thinking about taking the hem up but then again it is a versitile length!

  19. You are doing so well, my dear paula. I love your outfit drawings.
    Much love:

  20. Hello there! This is my first time at your blog. I found it through B's Link Love!

    Maybe I don't understand it yet, but I think it's funny when women say that clothing is made for younger women. I work at Ann Taylor, I'm 24 years old and most of my wardrobe is from there! At the same time, 34-year-olds, 54-year-olds and 74-year-olds shop there as well. I really think it has to do with where you're shopping and your perspective on clothing. Maybe I'm biased, but I think Ann Taylor is one of those stores that's great for everybody! Banana Republic is another one, too :)

    Anyway, you look great, whatever your age may be. It ain't nothin' but a number anyway!

    Nice to meet you :)
    Twitter @theloudermouth

  21. Sacramento~Thank you for saying that, GF! It means something to me that you think so--I so respect all that you do!
    Loudmouth~ Nice to meet you too! I visited your blog today and love yours too! I think I left a comment? Anyway, I like Ann Taylor too and you are so correct--CLASSIC STYLE! They epitomize it. My only critisism is COLOR-- they are sort of bland sometimes..., no?

  22. I don't think you are superficial at all. It is so important for women (any woman of any age) to have fun with clothes. Clothes possess the power to transform a person, so you should have fun with it!!!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88