Friday, March 11, 2011

Kandinsky Sweater

I'm trying to do the Terri pose! (not as cute as Terri, tho)
Early this morning, before I knew about the tsunami in Japan, I was very excited about this post.  I will try and rewind myself, and do my best!

First of all, I want to thank Terri over at Rags against the Machine for sending me this gift!  A while ago, I had complimented about this sweater on her blog, and what did I receive?  THE SWEATER IN THE MAIL!  How sweet is that?  And I just love it!  I'm all excited about all the ways I can style it--but for now I went with my current go-to outfit.

My go-to-outfit-of-the-bottom-half is my jean skirt, brown tights and my fuzzy clogs.  Its mud season in here, so need a durable shoe.

This sweater reminds me of Kandinsky--don't you think?  Now, I'm not as eloquent as Artfully Awear in describing the artist's style, but I think the shapes and colors are somewhat like his style.  Except for the Missoni sleeves.

Kandinsky, Cossaks--1910

My thoughts and prayers to those effected by the tsunami.


  1. It is Kandinsky and who knew when I grabbed it that I did so because I would start a blog and that YOU would look so good in it! Plus, I now have your tacit permission to wear a denim skirt again. I'm pretty proud that I haven't worn one since last September.

  2. Fantastic print!!1. You have to get all yor belts and the rest of goodies kept away for all of us to amdire.
    Thinking of japanese people. I have contacted a few blogger friend in japan, and they are ok.
    Have a wonderful weekend search my dear pam.

  3. Paula, the sweater is fabuluos and nice relation to Kandinsky!!!
    I love how you style the outfit, those leggins and your skirt are the perfect touch!

  4. I am loving this sweater, especially the Missoni-like sleeves. I also like your shoes, a lot. You are doing pretty good for somebody I thought might be taking a break from blogging. You are keeping me inspired to keep at it!

  5. First of all, I LOVE the sweater--and I love that you saw its similarities to Kandinsky! I definitely agree with you, what a great piece!

  6. A beautiful sweater, a random act of kindness and an art lesson all wrapped up in a blog post. Ya gotta love it :)

    BTW - welcome back to the great white north.

  7. Terri~All that thrifting karma I guess! Who knew? And yes, find that perfect, jean skirt--can't wait to see it. Maybe I have one?
    Sacramento~Have been thinking about you--and that wide belt and how I will fashion mine...
    Ofelia~ thanks and love it when I can live in an artist all day..
    Jill~on the blogging, I like it better now that I am not doing it as much!Oh, and the fuzzy clogs are the best!
    Ariel~ I'm so glad you agree--you are the blogging resident expert on the art thing! thanks
    Northeast chic~how cool, huh? ugh, dreary and dull.

  8. That sweater is utterly divine - I covet it! It looks perfect on you, what a lovely gift to receive