Monday, March 14, 2011

Color, Comfort and Chanel

Lots of complaining here in the Northeast of how dismal, dull and dreary the landscape is here this time of year.  I can't complain really 'cuz I escaped for a while.  But I do try and combat the dreary backdrop by infusing as much color as I can in my daily outfits.

purple jacket~(it is purple--not blue) Marshall's
silk skirt~Banana Republic
clogs~have forgotten!

And comfort.  I just finished reading yet another book on Coco Chanel--and I really do attempt to dress by her philosophy--chic comfort.  I think one of the reasons that Americans embraced her is she believed in comfort.  And isn't that really the foremost criteria for dressing now?  Oh, and pockets.  She loved pockets. 

So, color, comfort and a little chicness--and hopes for spring.


  1. Paula!!!!! You've never looked better! That skirt is just beautiful! Coco is a personal favorite...and I think you're right. Coco embraced comfort and a bit of a less is more philosophy. It's great to see your smiling face again! ~Serene

  2. I'm glad you are enjoying the Chanel book. I found myself musing that SHE is the real impetus behind so much of our American emphasis on sportwear and comfort.

    I love the huge circles on this skirt!

  3. I love your hopes for spring! Pockets and pops of color are definitely among my hopeful spring items, too!

  4. love the skirt.........yes, spring is on the way. I hope!

  5. Hi Paula, That skirt is chic comfort...I love it! I hope to find some like that when I go thrifting this week! You look very springy and joyful...Coco's quotes are my favorite style quotes! She is worthy of reading about!

  6. Paula, love the blue jacket and the design on the skirt!

  7. Those colors look great on you and I love the outfit. I agree, colorful clothes just help a dreary day.

  8. Hi Paula, your skirt looks great on you!

    I'm reading that same book on Chanel -- won it in Terri's giveaway. I like her Tom Boy spirit when it comes to clothes and comfort. The woman herself is a more complex topic. I plan to write about her when I post again, next Monday.

  9. Cobalt blue always cheers me up!

  10. I am really loving that skirt
    The colors and great as is the shape

  11. I love the electric blue top- That color sends me into realms of endless happiness. Spring please spring.
    the Citizen Rosebud

  12. Serene~Glad to have your back! Coco went from the constrictions of corsets to freedom--so definately less was better.
    Terri~couldnt agree more--she was the impetus to sportswear! You should have the book soon!
    Vanessa~yup, pockets are the best!
    Linda~it cant get here quick enough~
    Pam~Chanel loved to play the expert and make profound quotes--many of which ARE quite profound. Love it!
    Ofelia~skirt is silk and from Banana Republic--so comfortable--I wish it had pockets.
    Debbi~they do help! I'll be pulling out all the bright colors now!
    Susan~I've read a few books on her and she is fascinatling for me--albeit troubled, I think. cant wait to see what you thought!
    Wendy~one of my favorites and it really looks good on most people, dont you think?
    Brett~very comfortable too!
    Bella~"realms of endless happiness" you are a poet! wish I thought of that....

  13. Hi Paula, I love your skirt. What book on Chanel did you read? I'm looking for a good one.

  14. I love your skirt! I too have been attracted to bright colors recently. I can't wait for spring.