Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green and DVF

Having been a child of the sixties, I need many tools to jog my memory nowadays.  Sketching is one of those tools-- and when I get one of those visions of the perfect outfit to wear?  I like to sketch it so I don't forget.

Since I'm a little bored with my winter clothes, I'm digging in the annals of my closet to discover those unworn clothes that may spark up with a new companion.  One of those visions was this forgotten green wrap dress paired with my new blue tunic sweater.  (see sketch)

There is a lot I love about the dress; it is a silk knit, I love the print and its the classic wrap shape that allegedly looks good on everybody.  But to be frank, I never bonded with the wrap dress thing--it never looked that good on me--not that Diane von Furstenberg isn't a genius--it just doesn't work that well for me!

Overall, meh.  At the least, its green for St. Paddy's day!


  1. Paula, the DVF dress print is lovely and I really like how you styled the outfit with the boots, the tights, the belt and the tunic!

  2. I like the dress, and the tunic over it, cute outfit! I would have never thought of that. Perfect for St Patty's day.

  3. Hi Paula, I really love the print on this dress! It is the best St. Patty's look I have seen today! yesterday, you asked me if I am thinking of going professional...I really am just researching everything right now...I have many ideas and think at least one might be marketable...that is why I really went last weekend was to learn more and see if my idea has merit. I think it might, but nothing is going to get my full attention until after June 18, my daughter's big thing at a time!! You look marvelous!!

  4. Paula, this is a great look! I am really loving it with those boots. I am so with you re the wrap dress thing--they don't work so well on me, I constantly am closing up the top and feel like it's too clingy over the hips. But I love DVF, her style, her attitude, her passion!

    I really enjoy seeing your notebooks. You are so talented.

  5. PAULA!!!
    I loved your blog!!!
    You are so stylish and beautiful
    and looks so happy!

    I'm amazed!

    Kisses from Brasil.

    I'm following you

  6. Very cute print
    Would love to see how it looks on you with out the over-shirt
    Sometimes we are too critical of ourselves
    This look is pretty cool though
    Happy St. Pat's Day

  7. the fabric of the dress sounds lovely. I'd like to see the dress without the I'd understand what the problem is with the dress.

  8. Paula, I absolutely love this on you. It seems like it's a bit of a longer length than normal for you, but it works great and the boots are FABULOUS with it! Hugs! ~Serene

  9. Ofelia~sort of a mash up! Just trying different remixes to get rid of the winter boredom! You're lucky; you shouldnt get that~
    Linda~The vision came to a dream in the night...
    Pam~I think about it from time to time too, but I need to put some other things in motion first....
    Jill~exactly! I know the wrap is supposed to reduce the bust and enhance the hips, but it does too much of both of those things for me. I end up looking pear shaped--
    Aline~thanks so much for stopping by and becoming a follower! I'll be stopping by you!
    Brett~ You are right, we are overly critical sometimes. (see my remarks to Jill to see why I'm not that crazy about the shape)
    Terri~As I said to Jill, just enhanced the wrong areas!
    Serene~ Haha--you know me! YES it is longer than I prefer--but still works. Must make sure I wear heels. :~*

  10. Silk knit and in my favourite colour - greeeeeeeeeen!!!! Bit of drooling going on over here - sorry. I know what you mean about the DVF wrap dress conspiracy - I don't know what the big deal is about a dress that falls open in all the wrong places and at the wrong moments! It's a concept that seems good in theory, but in real life on real bodies? Nope. I do love the below-the-knee length though - it's so flattering and the green and blue is gorgeous on you:)))) xo

  11. Thanks for following me!!!

    Will be a pleasure to come back here often to see your news! I reeally enjoyed your blog!


  12. I like the dress. The tunic and boots make it look very smart. Wrap dresses never suited me either.

  13. I love a notebook so much, and when I see sketches, I just melt.
    You are fantastic, my dear friend.