Monday, March 21, 2011

Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are not very popular in New England.  Sorry all you cowboys and cowgirls...but here in NE, you see more of the LLBean type boots or snow boots.

And I love cowboy boots!  It's such a nice break after wearing much heavier snow boots all winter.  Love the heel--low and wide.  They are a lot more comfortable than they look.  I should have more than 2 pairs in my closet...

The rest of the outfit?  This is sort of that head-to-tails jean look.  The jean jacket is beautifully tailored from Ann Taylor.  The jeans are that funny cropped length; the reason for wearing the boots in the first place.  In a last minute flash of genius, I put on this beach tunic top for a bit of the orange.

The heather is the only color in my backyard--at this juncture.  Soon the crocuses will be up, then daffodils.  Almost spring!


  1. This is adorable! The top is perfect with's such an easy look. Like easy elegance! ~Serene

  2. You are right...we wear cowboy boots everywhere, even to weddings! Girls who work in the Capital in Austin wear them to work...everywhere, any time of year! So, keep this up and we will make you an Official Texan!!

  3. I love that pop of orange on the top. It's the same here, no one wears cowboy boots and if you do 'you must be a redneck'. My feet are wide and I have a high instep so any kind of fashion or cowboy boots don't work. They look great on you tho!!!

  4. Paula, lovely outfit! Very nice photos of you backyard and the black and white photo is a great touch!

  5. Yay for cowboy boots! Yay for jeans!

    Your back garden looks beautiful.

  6. I dusted off my cowboy boots a few weeks ago. I say we start a whole new trend here in the Northeast. You in?!

    Your yard is so pretty, even now this early in the spring.

    It just gets better from here....

  7. I am loving this whole look, every bit of it. You look so great and I LOVE the cowboy boots, especially with the cropped pants.

  8. My cowboy boots are my favorite pair of shoes...and I often wish I could wear them with everything!

  9. We don't see many cowboy boots in Michigan either, but I'd love to change that. My cowboy boot expert friend who lives in the southwest says I have to purchase mine used in order to have that already broken in feeling... I've been on the lookout since!
    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I always enjoy reading your perspective!

  10. so Serene--do you wear Cowboy boots?
    Pam~I would be so flattered to be an official Texan! Then I could go really crzy with the cowboy boots!
    Linda~they do say tho, if you break them in they conform to your foot--but without a zipper, the high instep would be a problem.
    Ofelia~the funny thing is, there was something about b&w photos last week, but I forgot who posted it and I did it anyway!
    Susan~agree! the backyard is still a little dead tho~
    NEchic~I'm in....
    Jill~it was the only way they worked--they are a wierd lenth like I said..
    Terri~but I havent seen them on your blog! I was wondering if your were wearing them...
    Vanessa~They have some pretty flashy ones too for colorful girls like us...
    Thanks and love to see your thoughts too! :~*

  11. Great outfit and it's beginning to look like spring in your garden!

  12. Fun! The stripe shirt saves the denim jacket from being to "conservo", you know? I love denim mixed with stripes, but I've never been a cowboy boot girl, even when they were "in" during the footloose years. (Remember the red boots? Giggle.) But then I live in LA where we can wear sandals year round.


  13. I must confess to being another New Englander with a secret love for cowboy boots. I don't own any, but I fantasize about traveling somewhere else and bringing some back with me. I'm not sure they would fit with my personal casual denim & boots-type outfits tend to look more Northeastern than Western. But I may just break down and try it one of these days.

  14. Fantastic outfit! Love the longer top under the blazer and those stripes are so fab!

  15. Great outfit - the orange stripes are perfect.

    The crocuses are done here and the daffodils are just starting to bloom. I love Spring!

  16. Love your boots! What kind of boots are those? They look like these Justin Ropers, am I right?