Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Freak Fest 101

I know I'm probably a bit of a freak.  The reason why I say this?  These are my thoughts on getting ready this morning:

                   For stripe week start with black and white stripe top
                   Looks good with hot pink sweater  (?)
                   Black skirt?  Too much black   (?)  
                   Striped skirt?  Too conservative  (?)
                   Find print skirt---found black silk with blue and green  (does this go with pink sweater?)
                   Lace tights--sick of thick tights   (lace tights with all this other stuff going on?)
                   Better wear high boots--cold out
                   oops, cant see pink sweater under jacket
                   ok--so I'll just belt it and open it up and make some lapels

Not your average ideas of what-goes-with-what.  I know, I'm crazy--bit of a freak--but if anything, maybe you can learn from me?  Maybe the crazy is a little genius sometimes;  how good does this jacket look with a belt?

And for an added splash, (like I needed one..)  honking big pink hoops.


  1. I think you nailed it!! I love the way you mixed the patterns and with the pink, hottest color of the season, it really looks great!

  2. You're adorable! I love black and white stripes worn with hot pink. Being rather conservative, I'd probably pair it with jeans or a black skirt and still feel wild.

    Thanks so much for coming over to my site to say "hi"!

  3. Paula, I love the entire outfit! However the jacket is very chic and Channel inspired!!!!

  4. Smashing, absolutely smashing! Thanks for joining stripes week - I love your contribution!! There's always a little bit of crazy that goes along with genius. ;D

  5. I think the belt is most helpful in anchoring the jacket lapels - they create a great V-look.

    I like the skirt with the jacket and the pop of color underneath. I wouldn't have thought about that but it works nicely.

  6. i like the bright pink!

  7. really like the stripe with the floral skirt

  8. Paula....this just works! Love how you did the jacket and the best part of the whole thing is that your bright personality shines! Hugs girly! ~Serene

  9. The hoops, pink top and boots make the outfit, in my opinion.

    You look happy and healthy!

  10. Pam~Pink is always sort of in with girls, but I really like it with the b&w!
    Heather~thanks to you too for coming by!
    Ofelia~I was thinking of chanel as I was getting dressed--she would have like the cotton knit!
    megan~ so glad you agree! Love this challenge!
    RoseAg~so glad to hear from you again! Thanks and yes the belt did wonders.
    Linda~Love the pink too!
    Brett~who would have thought?
    Serene~awwww shucks...
    Susan~Accessories make the outfit, eh?

  11. Hi Paula, I have to say, this may be my most favorite outfit of yours so far. Love love love black and white with hot pink. And it just works with the skirt. I also love the little belt. I think you have a winning combination with the striped jacket with the pink underneath. I could see this with jeans and boots as well.

  12. I like this look. The stripes with the skirt and the touch of pink! Well done.

  13. I'm loving that jacket with the belt... but I really want that punk cardigan to be a pullover. Will that sweater change for our relationship? It doesn't really care! *sob*

    *running out of room sobbing*

  14. How faantastic, a whole week wearing stripe. Wishing you good luck with it. I will keep an eye on the project.
    Much love, my dear friend.

  15. Jill~I cant wait to wear it with jeans, actually! And thanks so much!
    Thanks Terri~
    Lawyerdoll~lol! The sweater is very Chanel-esque and I'll ask it if it'll change....
    Sacramento~it was a fun project but I ran out of stripes!

  16. I LOVE thie ensemble, another addition to my style file!

  17. Mixed to perfection. Love that jacket.

  18. This is such a fun, playful concoction. Who couldn't be merry and bright seeing you in this?

  19. I love all these looks. Especially the linen skirt with circles and the grey.