Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sacrificing Jeans

My new habit is sacrificing my long jeans by cutting them shorter.  I'm really pleased with the way these came out. I've beeen seeing a lot of jean shorts and jean capris this season and once I get home, all of my outdated or too short jeans are going on the chopping block.  

As luck would have it, there's a TJ's right around the corner from our condo.  I found myself there a few times already--this was something from one of those excursions.   I've tried to find some second-hand stores down here, but have struck out on that so far.  Of course the Mall was easy to find.

And here's a little something for all of you still suffering from winter...Just want to give you all a little taste of flowers....


  1. Sweet embellished t! I love a classic white top and denim shorts combo.

    Also, thanks for the flowers and a little breath of vicarious life.

  2. Hi Paula, thanks for following my blog! You have a lovely and playful style! I'll be stopping by often and commenting! Thanks Again.

  3. SOOOOOO Cute!! You look so cute and so happy where you are! It's your smile that is the best accessory!!

  4. I did this once years ago and never again because my sense of a straight line is not so good! I had to keep cutting them shorter to even them out :-)

  5. I need a taste of Spring. The weatherman says it is gonna get cold here once again. I sure hope not!

  6. All that sunshine suits you. You look amazing in those shorts, not to mention that flirty little skirt from yesterday's post. And I can't wait to see flowers in MY yard :)

  7. I had to check out your blog after I read your comment at over50feeling40....the one about chocolate. Me too......love my chocolate (see my blog). Great idea to cut off old jeans, the shorts look great! and so do you, love your style, esp the florida background!

  8. A-dubs~Good to hear from you again! so true--a little bo-ho top and jeans, any length are such a classic!
    Ofelia~Ditto girlfriend. Looks like a blossoming blog friendship!
    Pam~thanks--I'm laughing (!)at my hubby taking the pics....
    Wendyb~you make me laugh--I always leave a little extra because it is hard to get it right!
    Mommyblogger~Thanks for stopping by! And it had been warm in Boston, but that changed. Hey its only February!
    NEchic~and how long for us in NE before we see flowers? lets see pansies in April...Thanks too for your kind comments!
    Linda~I will stop by your blog, and ya, i had to find a diet the included chocolate. serious.
    Thanks too!

  9. super cute top!
    Glad you are having such great weather