Monday, February 14, 2011

Too Much Time

Have you ever tried to put your earrings in backwards?  I did, and its like rubbing your belly and patting your head--it's a mix-up.  (Your saying, boy, she's got too much time on her hands.)

And that may be true, but I did try and do it for a reason--really.  My earrings looked better on the backside--and without using my jewelry tools, I put them in backwards.  Alas, as fate would have it, none of the pictures of them came out well. 

But this one did.


  1. Inventive, I like it! It looks fabulously warm there.

  2. I love that top. Is it Eileen Fisher?

  3. LOL I so want to be where you are!!! That sunshine photographs beautifully!!! ~Serene

  4. Stop taunting us with your relaxing in the sun and warm weather clothes!! :)

  5. You look so cute and happy!! I am highly jealous of the vacation mode!! Love your purple top....

  6. Whoa, what bright and sharp photos! Have never tried wearing earrings backwards, although there has been a time or two I thought I was breaking new territory with a difficult earring or two.

  7. Just to let you know I just wrote a feature of over 40 bloggers and you're one the blog roll. Nice to see style still going strong!

  8. Love that pink and plum combination. Just beautiful. The sun, the tan, the colors, just, wow. (trying not to sob!)

  9. Freeda~the weather has been just dreamy!
    Susan~no, don't think so but its a great cotton knit so very comfortable and versatile.
    Serene~you'll be here soon enough! Would love to stay....
    Silvergirl~its like the summer fashion week!
    Pam~We are here for a month, so it starts to feel like we LIVE here--will be so depressed when I go home tho!
    Terri~the sun in photos is tough to control. But so much more crisp than all the artificial light I have to use at home this time of year! There can be some pretty weird earring types..I know what you mean.
    Thank so much Citizen! I must get over to your blog too--thanks again!
    Anne~Hey, I'd be sobbing if it were vice-versa so its ok. ;~)