Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Simple Colors--ya, right

Behind me is the intracoastal.  In the morning, there are manatees, and osprey--something we don't have in NE.  But we do have blue herons at home--right in my backyard-- that are in abundance down here.

I sort of love the simple colors in this outfit.  Well, if you can call fluorescent yellow simple.  I guess its the simple colors of the denim and white sneakers--and the neutral of my khaki jacket and THEN the fluorescent yellow.

Just want to give you another present of GREEN.....


  1. Fluorescent Yellow suits you well! Lovely photos and What a background to wake up to!

  2. love the yellow touch and that simple colors outfit you wear, very comfy and funny!
    I'm glad to find your blog!

  3. Love the bright yellow, Paula! You look happy and relaxed!

  4. Hi Paula! I'm just popping over from Bella's site. I love that vivid yellow and your glorious setting. Oh for some sunshine here in the chilly UK. x

  5. You just look so happy and your smile shines as bright as the color in your shirt!!

  6. I love the large photos you are using! And, the simple but bold color combo definitely works in these vacation pics!

  7. Paula, you look gorgeous! These colors are so pretty on you and you look like you're having a great time. I'm a tad disappointed that you won't still be there when I'm in Jaxsonville, but I'm sure by then you'll be ready to get home! ~serene

  8. Day-Glo yellow -- I always love it!

  9. Hi Paula,

    I 'm going to add you to my blog roll.

    That yellow looks so pretty on you. Your pictures are beautiful.

  10. ofelia~Thanks and its a great backdrop! green is soothing to the eyes...
    Senora~Muchas Gracia and I was glad to find your blog also!
    Sheila~Thanks and yellow is one of my favorite colors!
    Vintage Vixen~thanks so much for stopping by! I feel very lucky to be here, because otherwise I'd be waiting forthe snow to melt in boston...
    Vanessa~Thanks and the bright colors made the bigger pics look better--dont we love those brights?
    serene~I hear ya gf, but we will make plans to get together soon...
    WendyB--DAYGLO--i had forgotten that word--thanks for reminding me! I could never choose my favorite--the orange, green of yellow!
    JT~Thanks so much and will stop by yours too!

  11. Paula--my belated thank you for the presents of bright colors!

  12. Love the sun on you and the outfit.
    Love the tree.