Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Hats at the Woodpile

I am a hat person.  Not everyone is.  This is really only part of my winter collection--I just picked out my favorites.  In the back row I have the hat-hats, in front the berets and then the headbands on the right.

This is one of my favorites; my cloche bargain from TJ Maxx about 3 years ago.  One draw back tho--it rates high on hat-hair.  I wear this when my hair won't really matter.

 This is my next favorite--my beret.  At least I only get half hat-hair with this one.  I always feel like I am working for the french resistance when I wear it.

This is my new hat for this year--pimping, super-fly, Bootsy Collins or totally old lady--I guess it depends on how I accessorize.  Today, I'm Bootsy.

My fuzzy headband is what I wear most of the time--it does the least amount of hair damage.  The trade off is, my head does get cold.

Who else is a hat person, and what is YOUR favorite hat?


  1. Oh my gosh! I LOVE Bootsy Collins! My favorite of the hats you posted is the's so 20s flapper! I'm thinkin' you're totally a flapper at heart! ~Serene

  2. These are fabulous...I love the white one! You look great in hats. I really need one right grey, skunk line is really showing while I await my hair appointment this week! They are great for a cover up! Maybe you are a flapper at sounds fun!

  3. I'm a hat person, but I have an oddly large head! So it's difficult to find ones that fit well.

    Love the beret!

  4. I have a black velvet hat with a rose on the band I wear a lot. The crown is high so if I put a headband on my hair before I put it on the headband keeps my hair poofed up. Otherwise I'll have a flat hair day.

    I like the headhand/hat because it avoids the flattened hair problem.

  5. I am not currently a hat person, but I HAVE noticed how it brings out the face and expression of people who do wear them. I love your cloche!

  6. I'm so jealous!! I love hats and don't have many! You make me want more!!

  7. I'm digging the fuzzy headband, totally sexy ski bunny :)

  8. You look good in all styles of hats/headwear. Not everyone can wear a chapeau. Have you checked out Style Crone? She has fabulous hats also.

  9. I wish I were a hat person, but my head is weirdly small and hats just never seem to work for me.

  10. Serene~I probably am a flapper at heart--good call--and today I wore a bias cut silk skirt--talk about 20's!
    Pam~Hats can help with the skunk line--the only thing you'd have to wear it inside...
    Freeda~I have a small head--so they are hard to fit me also; but I never give up trying.
    Rose~Great idea! I'm going to try the headband thing with my higher crown hats. Thank-you!
    Terri~aww c'mon give um a try!
    Joy~and I have lots of summer ones too.
    Northeastchic~I like that "sexy ski bunny"--thanks!
    Donna~I lust over the hats at Style Crone--she had a cloche over there that I still dream about...
    Silvergirl~I have a small head also--so sometimes I have to pass up on a hat that's too big--but I keep trying!

  11. I adore hats and love wearing them in the winter - and it's one of the reasons I like having short hair (less hat head).

    I love the Bootsy Hat!

  12. me me me! I'm a hat person! I love all of yours, especially the white one!
    I must go wear more of my hats, now!

  13. such a cute post! you are lovely, in all of your hats! I am a feathered headband/hat/big sunglasses-girl, anything that is whimsical I`ll put on :) love your blog. <3 Anika