Thursday, January 13, 2011

Silk Bias Cut Skirt--Oh My!

I am thoroughly in denial.  I walked into my closet this morning defying the weather, and put on some summer clothes.  Minimal layers.  I would have worn shoes, but there is 2 feet of snow out there--besides this skirt doesn't go well with shoes.

sweater~Victorias Secret
skirt and scarf~too long ago to remember
boots~Santana of Canada
The skirt is a silk bias cut (bit tricky to wear).  For many summers now, I haven't been able to find the right top to wear with it--hence it has been neglected.  This troublesome slouchy sweater works great with it though!   Grabbed this cotton scarf  (texture) and pulled out my wooden earrings (summer). 
I'm in denial.  Can that explain the surprised look on my face tho?  Don't think so.

Silk bias cuts--does anyone else dare?


  1. I guess my problem is that I am sitting down here in sun city...but I find the skirt to be totally appropriate for winter!! The sweater kind of "winterizes" it any way. I really like your scarf!

  2. That's funny....sometimes when I look at my pictures I think, "What the heck am I doing with my face?!" I am so feeling those earrings! I think the summer skirt looks really cute winterized. ~Serene

  3. I would dare if I had one! Perhaps your denial will bring spring earlier.

    BTW, really enjoying the book and understanding so much more...

  4. I care! I love that skirt! I have a silk bias-cut skirt too!

    I think you are totally on target with making it a winter skirt - what about a fuller white or cream or even black skirt underneath it for extra warmth? I bet the bias cut could accomodate the extra bulk.

  5. I love seeing summer clothes in the winter! Nicely done!

  6. I love the skirt and you look gorgeous in it!

  7. Pam~thanks and the scarf is like a crotcheted number. I'm so sick of all the thick layers..
    Serene~I know with the face thing! So many tmes I look surprised! Hmmmm--family pictures too--maybe its the flash?
    Terri~so glad you are enjoying the book--it really is one of the better ones. Get a good background on the designers too.
    Sheila~I felt like you in this skirt--i was going to post that but if I ended up looking like crap--I didn't want to insult you! I knew you would have a silk bias skirt. I've been thinking about the double skirt thing or a honking big slip--great idea!
    Freeda~Gutta get out of the winter doldrums some how!
    Lisa Marie~awww thanks :~)

  8. My only problem with a silk skirt in the winter is the static cling!!
    Seriously wasn't the skirt plastered to your legs all day???
    Maybe I am just more static prone than others. LOL

  9. Silvergirl~I was surprised I didn't have THAT much static. Sometimes its worse than others. I remember seeing your static cling can in your bathroom video! Paula