Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Red and Purple

When I went into my closet this morning, I was thinking red and purple.  Yup.  Red and Purple.  Hey, no biggy--I'm not the only one--Fashion for Nerds wore it the other day.  Although mine is a little more subdued.  (This jacket always comes out blue, but its really purple.)  And those ARE purple stockings.  I had trouble finding a neutral top.

boots~Santana (Canada)
skirt~thrifted and hemmed twice
stockings~Peabody Museum Store

I love it when little threads of color unite an outfit--like the little bits of purple in my skirt.  Oh, and if you have a chance to go for BAMBOO--do it!  My stockings are made from bamboo.  I am loving this new fabric and works wonderful as stockings with a little lycra.

Anyone else tried bamboo?


  1. great look! it's nice when you have an idea and you really pull it off, isn't it? & thank you for the bamboo review - i've seen those around but didn't want to try them before i'd seen some feedback about them. Thanks! steph

  2. I love that skirt! And bamboo tights? Who knew? And you're very "green"!

  3. Paula, wonderful outfit! I love the purple jacket with the skirt and the skirt is a keeper. A few years ago I would never have seen this together...but now I see how it goes.

  4. I have a pair of bamboo tights and love them. They are so breathable
    Love the purple and red together, you don't look Red Hat Society at all. (that is a joke between my friends and I)

  5. We have bamboo sheets and bamboo flooring, but I was totally unaware that garments were made from it. I will have to start scouting around. I have a very similar skirt I have been scratching my head about. If I hem it shorter, I will lose the lovely scarf-like border. But you have given me ideas...

    BTW, the book arrived! I want to log off and do nothing but read!!

  6. GORGEOUS! This is so pretty and I see the skirt is back to a more comfortable length for you. I've never heard of bamboo tights. What exactly is that? ~Serene

  7. the paisley print on that skirt is really great and I love the length of the skirt!

  8. The jacket is just gorgeous... too bad it didn't photograph true. I hate it then that happens to me.

  9. I love the jacket with this skirt - so colourful. I also am a big fan of red and purple!

  10. I'm in awe of tailoring skills, I was in 4-H, but those talents just did not "take" on me. Tell us more about the bamboo tights, where did you find them? Love your blog, gonna link you:) It seems that we are neighbors. Keep stylin girl!

  11. Steph~so true--sometimes what is in the mind's eye dosent always come to fruition...
    Joy~they are pushing the bamboo to be green...lets hope it is!
    Pam~I have tried evrey color with this skirt--black, grey, red, yellow--it all works!
    Silvergirl~when I posted this I was a bit worried about the red hat thing..glad it dosent look like that tho. Arent the bamboo tights soft?
    Terri~is your skirt wool challis? They made a lot of those with borders and the fabric is gorgeous but the shape just cant be worn long. Want to send a photo and maybe we can put our head together...maybe save the border as a scarf?
    Serene~bambooo are little trees/grasses and they mash up the trunk and make material. very soft and supposidly very green...
    Vanessa~paisley can age me if I wear it near my face--its an old lady print, really, but this works as a skirt.
    Lawyerdoll~Thanks for commenting! I am going to try to get better at my camera and try to move on from "auto"...There are a lot of tips out there on blogs bacuase I dont like it either when the colors arent true!
    Sheila~isnt it fun? I love to put colours together that are unexpected..
    Northeastchic~Thanks for stopping by and I will do the same~I got the tights at the Peabody Essex Museum, of all places, in Salem, MA. I should look up the brand--they had bamboo tights at marshalls also; I bought them and my butt burst right through the back seam! I wont sew those back....(!)