Monday, January 3, 2011

Think Summer

I thought about this outfit last night, and believe it or not I WAS THINKING SUMMER!!!  I thought about light colors, my summer jeans and a florescent colored sweater.

These jeans are tricky to wear in the summer---my body type (skinny ankles) does not lend itself well to the cropped pant style.  I look very unbalanced; like I was walking on toothpicks.  With boots, the problem is solved.  These boots are great because they have a kitten heel and a rubber sole so I don't go  skidding off everywhere.  I can't help but feel like a pirate in costume though.....

jacket~Calvin Klein, Marshall's
boots~Newport News

The sweater underneath my jacket is shrinking each time it is washed.  It was a really long cardigan; now it hardly covers my butt.  Debated whether to belt or not to belt--decided TO  belt with a teal silk sash. 

Happy summer......
Do you find cropped pants hard to wear?


  1. ah....yeah, but for the exact opposite reason you have....I have fat ankles. :-( And I certainly like to think summer!!!! We have a long winter ahead. keep up the good work!

  2. I sometimes wear cropped pants in the summer, but they are such a UNIFORM in my neck of the woods I found that I avoid them in public. I love the color of the jacket and the idea of boots with kitten heels. But, I especially like the idea of thinking ahead. Had forgotten that you were in the path of that storm. Looks like you got dumped on!

  3. I don't wear cropped pants for one reason and one reason only... Tim Gunn says NO!
    It's not that I adhere to everything he says, but I saw him in person and he gave such a compelling argument on why we shouldn't wear them that I guess it just stuck.
    Anyway, that is just me. I do like them with the boots and you can really pull off the color yellow

  4. wow! what a great way to be warm and look amazing. I like the cropped pants with the boots. Great idea and I am jealous that you can wear yellow so well! Very cute.

  5. Love that cream cardigan and that vibrant top peeking out from beneath it. We must be on the same brain length because I posted today about how I've been yearning for spring-like pastels! I wore petal, pale pink, even! This winter is doing a number on me!

  6. Its such fun to look at your outfits.
    I loved cropped pants 12 years ago and have defintely tired of them. The problem is what else to wear? Shorts that look good are hard to find. I guess skirts, which in my case will mean making them as I'm just tall enough that they are seldom the right length. I used to have some vintage peddle pushers which were shorter and more feminine than crop pants, but such things don't seem to exist in this day and age.
    Happy New Year!

  7. Linda~Thanks for stopping by! I stopped by your blog, congrats on being a grandmother! Saw that you did scrapbooking; I like the stamps--I did my xmas cards this year (see previous posts if you want!)
    Terri~I like the shorter pants--more like pedal pushers--right BELOW the knee--the others, i mean, why show your ankles? To show off your shoes?
    Silvergirl~ I agree whole-heartedly with Tim! They are weird, but they are a bit better with boots--don't you think?
    Lisa Marie~I love the color yellow but it is tricky....remember "Color Me Beautiful"? Well, yellow must be in my color pallette.
    Vanessa~Wearing summer colors DID make me feel better. How about You? And why is it we have sooo many DULL colors to choose from in the winter??? C'mon--give us something to cheer us up!!!
    Kathy~Pedal pushers are the perfect length, aren't they? I looked all summer last year for a pair of shorts that didn't look like hot pants or that weren't for a basketball player--alas: NONE! Skirts work for me. Pants are just too hard to fit right. Thanks for stopping by!