Saturday, December 25, 2010

Honking Big Balls and Deers that Do It

It's almost blasphemous, I know. It's sort of hard to tell, but these are honking, big balls that I have on my Christmas tree.  They started getting bigger a few years ago.  I discovered that the bigger the balls, the less I needed to decorate the tree!  Hmmmm.  I was a convert and began to confiscate ANY big balls I could find!  I have a tripped-out tree.  The family gets a kick out of my honking big balls.

Some people bake cookies; I like to make my Christmas cards almost every year.  This year I got this deer stamp, and thought it was so cute--until I saw that randy look in the deer's eye!  Hmmmm.  Now I have a different idea of these reindeer.  oopsey.

This one is for Auntie Julie~

Happy Holidays everyone--see you after the New Year!


  1. Merry Christmas Paula!! I wish I was as artistic as you...I love the card..

  2. Awesome cards, Paula! I love the big balls too.

    Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

  3. Paula--it was a joy to receive your card!

  4. And the prize for Most Awesome Holiday Post Title goes to....... :)

  5. I guess this answers the question...naughty or nice!!!!
    Just catching up and loving the new 'do. If I hadn't just gotten so many hair prods in my stocking I'd lop mine off too~after seeing yours ;)

  6. Paula, your card was soooo great! You should post more of your artwork on here! By the way, your honking big balls are STUNNING!! Happy New Year my sweet friend! ~Serene

  7. Cute card
    Love the reindeer
    Happy New Year

  8. Everyone's going to want honking big balls now - you've certainly given me some inspiration for next year's tree:).
    Your card is utterly beautiful. xo

  9. That was hysterical!!! I love your honking big balls! And this is one of the first years I have not made cards which is so sad. I love the deer on your cards. That look The deer are cute.

  10. wonderful card! it brings back memories....there was a group of nerdy-techy guys in high school who made a deer stencil and modified all the 'deer crossing' signs in town. it was a scream!

    here's a deer related you-tube link - not for the faint of heart:

    (no, i have no idea WHAT that guy was thinking.)

    happy holidays everybody! steph

  11. To All~ Please excuse the late and group response! Thanks for the kind thoughts and hope you all had a great holiday. Best wishes and good health to you all in the upcoming year! Love, Paula

  12. i love those big balls. and your art work is stupendous.
    this year I used all my big loud uncool lights on my tree. (Well I guess the pine cone ones even Martha might use, but none of the others definitely). Dh was so happy.
    Big balls would have been the finishing touch. Ah next year.