Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Shearling Details

Where do I begin?  I had been thinking about this outfit since I sketched it on Sunday.

I knew I wanted to wear my black, pleated full skirt, with my tweed, fitted jacket to give that real girly curve.  The question was what color stockings I would wear?  I could go for the purple--but I would have to go neutral on top--I thought grey or white but not matchy, matchy purple.  I could do what was expected, black or dark brown stockings, but before high school I have been trying to be different, so why stop now?

So when I decided to do the oatmeal colored stockings, it made it easier to go with the fuchsia colored tee on top.  The shearling tops on my boots?  They are a DIY, and a real work in progress.  At first, I was going to sew the shearling onto the tops of socks--and still may do so.  But as it was, I just cut them off my slippers and tucked them in my boots.

Stay tuned for more prototypes on the shearling tops~


  1. what a fun idea! And my old shearling slippers might be willing to give up their cuffs . . .

  2. That's a really good and cute idea! I like them!

  3. What a wonderful outfit! Feminine plus warm! The shearling idea is fantastic...I would suggest somehow attaching them to the boot, but if you left them as a sort of cuff they might be worn with lots of different boots.

  4. XD I've never seen that before ANYWHERE. It made me laugh because it's so simple yet so clever. They look really warm. Better than paying tons of money for a fuzzy shoe. I like the idea. :]


  5. Very inventive boot toppers!
    I love the way you sketch your pieces~they're full of energy, just like you. :)

  6. Paula! BRILLIANT!!!! This is so fabulous and so do-able! Your sketches are artwork, I swear. I LOVE them! You should frame a series of them......so gorgeous! ~Serene

  7. What an amazing idea for the boots - that's ingenious!! I agree, don't stop being yourself - I love your top with the jacket and skirt - you are absolutely not a woman who wears her outfits "as expected" - thank god!! xoxo

  8. Mater~My slippers were on their way to the trash bin, so I was able to cut some more use out of them!
    Joy~I still need to adjust them a little...
    Terri~I wanted to be able to wear them with a few boots, so yes, that is why I didn't want to attach them. They are a little large, so I need to adjust that...
    Yasmen~this year it was touches of fuzzy; the fuzzy vest, the fuzzy clogs and I can make my boots fuzzy now!
    Lisa~the drawings give me a chance to think about the combos so I can fall out of bed in the morn and not think about my outfit...
    Thanks, Serene! I got these new magic markers and I just love to color...
    Desiree~I suspect you can relate to the not expected also gf!

  9. What a great idea !!!
    After I gave my pink faux uggs away .........
    Pooh !
    Love this and I love your style as well.
    It's great to see other over 40's dressing the part of the youthful vixens we all are ;)