Friday, January 14, 2011

Designer Dresses and Outfit Planning

I'm feeling a little dismayed that I haven't taken part in Friend Friday this week.  I just didn't have it together enough--it happens.  I really liked the questions--so I'll sort of answer one. First, my outfit. 

This is a Tbags designer dress that I got for my class reunion a few years ago.  It was way overpriced and the quality is poor--small seam allowances, polyester material, and the hem is shorter in back.  Why did I buy it then?  It is the perfect shaped  dress for me (empire waist), it fit well and I loved the bright print.

dress~Tbags--boutique locally
leggings~Nordstom Rack
boots~Dollhouse; TJ Maxx
fur vest~ Marshall's

The dress is showing signs of wear now--white fuzz on the material--hem has gone way up in back--so I will relegate this to more casual wear.  Hence the leggings.  It may be a tad too long for a tunic and maybe I'll take up the hem to match the one in the back.

And on the subject of outfit planning?  I like to sketch my outfits beforehand--I have been doing it my whole life--since about the 6th grade.  In my head, or sometimes in my closet, I'll think up/look for new combinations to stretch my wardrobe. It helps me to remember.  And as an added benefit, the sketches can be my dreamed ideal.


  1. Paula, the first picture on your post is GORGEOUS! You look so good in it and don't worry about the little look great in the dress!! I am still jealous of your sketching ability! Wish I could do it....

  2. That's so cool - I love your sketches! You should post them with your outfits more often.

  3. The dress is beautiful. It's a shame that it hasn't stood the test of time. Can it be shortened to be more tunic like?

    I wish I had your sketching skills. It was an answer no other FBFF gave!

  4. I love this entire look !!!!
    Plus your sketches are wonderful !
    and thank you so much for the sweet compliments :)
    i suppose i am a bit "different" than the usual 46 yr. old, i have no kids, (big stresser) and i have always had a goofy side that seems to just 'come through'. ( it annoys my hubby, tee,hee )-
    it took me over a year ( i started the real blog in late Oct.) what was 'wrong' with me ?
    I was taken under the wing of a 'saged' blogger who saw something in me that was worth sharing.
    I was blessed in that!
    I went from hanging around 50 or so followers for months, then my blog just bloomed.
    not sure why, other than the reasons i stated on the previous post.
    There are great links that can help you and i will try to find the ones i was sent to for you ( if u want)
    hang in there.....
    i have noticed that many new blogs 'go under' quickly but us 'older' women seem to have staying power;)
    You are terrific and YOU ROCK !!!

  5. I hate it when a good thing starts to go! I definitely thing it still has life as a tunic. For what decent clothing costs... we need to wear it out!

  6. Love the colors of this dress.
    I can't believe you sketch out your clothes
    You must have a stash of workbooks a mile high
    Hope you saved them, great for a book someday.

  7. That dress looks fantastic on you. I love sketching, not as well as you do. I always love other people sketches.

  8. Loooooove it :)

    If you follow me, I follow back

  9. Your sketching is my favorite part of your blog!!! That is the coolest thing and something I can hardly wrap my brain around. There is no way I could do almost seems like you create an outfit via sketch and THEN pull from your wardrobe to create your vision. Love it! ~Serene

  10. I'm with many of the other posters in that the sketches are the best part. I'm in awe of artistic talent.

    That outfit is super cute, love the fun fur vest with the dressy dress. Way to style an outfit girl!

  11. Gorgeous. I love the creative ways that you layer your outfits -- especially how you use tights & leggings & different colors. I tend to fall into a monochromatic/classic rut at times, so I love looking to your photos for ideas!

  12. Hey! :) Your blog is very nice, good job! This outfit is close to my heart because I love colours and big, bold prints on my clothes :)
    I have a fashionblog too, check it out and if you want we can follow eachother ;) XOXO Lidia

  13. Pam~I'm wondering why my photos come out better when I am scrunched up in a little ball...but thanks ever so (marilyn monroe said that)
    Sheila~Just like outfits, some of my sketches are just not blog worthy. And sometimes, I just wing it and don't sketch....
    Terri~thanks for the info from Ff--its good to know I'm different. And I think I may take up the hem~
    Reva~Thanks so much for sharing that--I sent you an email... :~D
    Lawyerdoll~so true, cost per wear and all that! Have to be careful about what you spend money on; but yes, this was a disappointment!
    Silvergirl~how did you know I have a sketchbook pile? And I don't know what to do with them. I did get rid of some--but they hold so many memories too. I still have the one I took to Europe with me back in '74!
    Thanks Sacramento! I know what you mean, I hardly have any of my artwork on my wall; just critique it the whole time....
    Minnja~thanks for stopping by and I will check you out!
    Serene~that the way it works sometimes; it gives me another pespective of my clothes..but I have to go back in my closet to remind myself of what I have!
    Northeastchic~The sketching thing is such a piece of me I never think of it as a talent; Thanks on the outfit!
    Anne~You made my day--if I can inspire people to get out of their fashion rut~I AM SO HAPPY! Thank-YOU!
    Lidia~we are from the same aesthetic! I will check out your blog and thanks for coming by!

  14. I absolutely am loving your whole look!! the dress is the best! I am jealous that you can do those sketches so well and what a great thing to share with us. Maybe us "older" ladies can still bring the world a whole lot of awesome!!!