Monday, January 10, 2011

Motorcycle Type Boots--My Old/New Treasure

First of all, I am just so thrilled and excited that Sheila over at Ephemera named me (and others) as one of her favorite sites in 2010!  Thanks so much Sheila--it came at a perfect time!

As most of you know by now, this is the skirt length that makes me feel like an old lady.  I know, but it's just the association that I have.  But because of that, I try and youthen up the rest.  (is that a word?)  Like the jean jacket. 

skirt~wool tweed, Banana Republic
jean jacket~ Kohl's
sweater~J. Crew

Whole lotta scarf going on--love the color BUT it was a little too much.  I ended up taking it off at work.  The scarf has a great story;  got it at Marshall's for $9.99, then went to a small local boutique.  The same scarf was $50.00.  Don't you just love a bargain?

The boots, though, are the best story here.  They have been taking a back seat in my closet for a few years now.  The shape was passe.  Well, now this motorcycle type is back, and they got a second life!  My new treasure of the season.  Waterproof, warm, rubber soles, low heels.  Can't get any better than that!


  1. This longer skirt looks FABULOUS on you! How great that you can wear both long and short?! The scarf is soooooo great. You look very youthful and this definitely captures your artsy-ness! Congrats on making Ephemera's deserve it! ~Serene

  2. YOU LOOK FAR FROM AN OLD LADY!!! It is a classic look and your scarf is wonderful! I agree with wonderful that you can wear both and look so good!! Congratulations! You do a wonderful job!

  3. Those boots are great. Worth the closet space they've been occupying!

    I can go for the longer skirt given the weather. A girl needs to stay warm.

  4. aww I really like the scarf
    think it added lots of color and texture

  5. Well, predicatably, I LIKE the shape and length of this skirt. The jean jacket and the boots DO save it from your dread of looking...

    We need to come up with a chart that figures the cycle of things coming in and out of style.

    Great find on the scarf.

  6. The skirt looks absolutely great on you! Great blog, dear


  7. You look so good in anything. it is a difficult length to pull off, but you do it beautifully my friend.

  8. the length/shape of that skirt makes a great balance with the smaller/cropped jacket, and both provide a fabulous background for that amazing scarf! so sad it felt overpowering to you that day - maybe you can work up to it : )

    the more i see your new haircut, the more i just love it on you. hooray!! take care, steph

  9. Serene~I'm glad my personality comes through--I wasn't so sure--thanks, love!
    Pam~I think both you and serene can pull off the shorter and the longer too--but I know you both are more comfortable with the latter.
    Rose~that's why I keep the longer ones--they are warmer. I have one that I wear just for outside activities!
    Terri~maybe its a mathematical formula of styles..
    Welcome Leon! Love your pic--thanks and stop by again!
    Thanks Sacramento and I debated taking up the hem, but it would really ruin the cut of the skirt so I decided against it. I'm glad now.
    Steph~that was the plan on the skirt/jacket--the scarf? The style now is for smaller...On the hair--the boys in the family HATE it; its a little short for me and I don't have the styling down yet..maybe I never will!

  10. Just catching up on blogs and had to say I love this...every piece of this outfit works beautifully.