Sunday, January 9, 2011

Profound Thought--Levity

santa claus snugglie
 Hey, we all know sometimes that we are not outfit posting worthy.  This just makes me laugh. 


  1. Paula--this gave me my belly laugh for the day! We were give a snugglie last year for a joke and yet I used the danged thing!

  2. Oh, I need one of those! Levity covers a LOT of frustrations :)

  3. THIS IS a teacher..I want one! I would get a lot of attention next year during the Christmas funny!

  4. Serene~The tag dosent say if its a Real snugglie but thats what its meant for! My son got it for a joke gift at christmas and it just looks so funny!
    Terri~so glad I could make you laugh! Hey, fashion cant be all serious!
    Rebecca~thanks for stopping by--I went by yours yesterday! I had another picture of it, but I looked like a deflated balloon on the sofa!
    Pam~I don't know where it came from, but its a hoot, isn't it?