Monday, January 17, 2011

Packing is never Simple

I wish it could be simple and as much as I tried, I just can't get below 3 suitcases.  Thank God we are driving, otherwise I'd have to pay thousands of dollars in luggage costs.  Does this mean I won't be blogging, you are wondering?  Fear not, I will be blogging from Sunny Florida beginning the first of February.

View from my bedroom window.  See the woodpile?  (from hats and the woodpile)

Too bad I have to leave this winter wonderland behind.  I have one more week to pack, and then hubby and I are driving down to Florida for the month of February.  I will be blogging RESORT WEAR for that month, and hopefully, LOTS of bathing suits.  (Last year it was cool, so I am hoping for warmer weather this year.) 

Strangely enough, how do I pack?  With sketches (not in color).  I'm such a visual person, I plan out my outfits and my needs, via a sketchbook.  See those circles?  Those are GAPS in my wardrobe that should be filled.  Does that mean shopping??????  Yup!   


  1. Have a great trip. you made me laugh that you can't pack in 1 bag. I go carryon everywhere (even a month in Australia)....and you're half the size I am! And I'm a totally visual person: I throw everything on the bed and edit, edit, edit! Everything has to be wearable 2 or 3 different ways.

  2. Wow! That is so impressively organized! I'm jealous! I'd love a week in Florida! Actually in March my sweetie and I are going to Jacksonville for a week....maybe you can draw up my outfits for me! LOL :) ~Serene

  3. I'm so jealous! I want to go somewhere warm! I really want to go somewhere HOT! I'm so sick of winter!!

  4. Have a great trip! It is so funny how I would like to see some snow and everyone else wants to get away from it!! I will look forward to reading your FLorida blogs....

  5. I can hardly wait to see the swimsuits! Given the length of the trip, I think you are entirely justified in taking all three bags. Is one empty for bringing home all your finds?

  6. Hey only 1 suitcase looks big, so I think you deserve to bring 2 more
    Have fun in sunny Florida
    When we lived in Pennsylvania we used to go to Orland for a week. I wouldn't have made it through the winter without that little respite

  7. How fun! I agree with Terri - for the duration of the trip, you do need multiple bags.

    I love your drawn inspriation - I have to actually move the clothes around.

  8. I love the challenge of trying to pack efficiently, but I very rarely pull it off. That looks pretty good for a whole month! Of course, Florida clothes take up less space.

    And I am insanely envious. Snowing again -- get me outta here!

  9. Red~I'm impressed! Last year in Fl. I got sick of my clothes and it was unexpectedly colder than usual, so of course, I didnt have the RIGHT clothes!
    Serene~Wouldnt that be fun! I could go in your closet and start sketching!
    Joy~I get sick of snow so quickly now! I'm done before it starts snowing!
    Pam~it looks pretty in photos but Man, is it a pain in the buttt!
    Terri~Hopefully, it will be hot enought for bathingsuits. And I havent done a lot of shopping down there as of yet, so we'll see.
    Silvergirl~so true--without a break, i would be a very sad girl...
    Sheila~it would be better if I cut out the picutes, but its not worth ALL that effort!
    Anne~I know--trying to pack efficiently is the goal--and the boys in the family? They take shorts and a shirt! lol

  10. Oh my you're off to Florida for a month - I'm sure all your friends are green with envy - well so am I!! I'm actually obsessed with packing so if you fancy doing a packing post I'd love to see it:). Thanks so much for your kind words, you're so kind. xoxo