Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Tailored Sweater

Today I am trying a tailored sweater--it's a nice alternative to a tailored blazer.  This was a recent thrift store find, and this sky blue is a great color on me--if I do say so myself!

skirt~Ann Taylor
stockings~tights on line

I went for another tailored piece on the bottom; this skirt from Ann Taylor is a mermaid shape.  For some unexpected styling, I added the casual, slouchy boots.  The scarf, which is a little too expected, I threw on with an unexpected type of carelessness.  The problem was it was coming undone ALL DAY LONG....driving me crazy.....

Its getting very cold taking pictures outside....but what do you think of this hat?  I think it may be OLD LADY; I have heard it is pimpy looking....

Back to the subject at hand~this look for me is as conservative as I want to go.  It just doesn't have the funk.  That's okay though; it was very EASY to put together a "put-together" look with all this tailoring.  And as an added bonus?  No poses to look better--tailoring looks good at any angle!

What's the verdict?  No funk, correct?


  1. Both looks are good on you, but I prefer the blue.

  2. love the blue sweater blazer thingy

  3. Nice outfit.

    I think the hat is OK. Old ladies wear berets. The brim on yours is young.

  4. This is definitely conservative for you, but I must say, it looks great on you! That is the prettiest blue, it reminds me of a Tiffany's box! I guess at some point with the weather being as frigid as it is, we all have to yield to warmth over a fashion statement. ~Serene

  5. Conservative but not boring. The hat I don't love with that coat. It might work in another combo, though.

  6. The blue sweater looks great and is my favorite of the two. I will miss the outdoor pictures, but stay warm and healthy!

  7. The only funk is the hat in the last pic. I like the blue sweater. I have one like it in pink, although I don't think it is quite so long. Come on ladies, how can we funk up Paula?

  8. Sacramento~the blue is fun, albeit a little school marm I am thinking today..
    Thanks, silvergirl, and very comfortable but next time I'm gunna spice it up a bit.
    Rose~I hate to tell you, but I wear a lot of berets! We'll have to see if they are OL
    Serene~Next time I am going to try something not so conservative on the bottom--I really didn't think this sweater was THAT least its a good color. And boo-hoo about the weather..hate the cold...
    Still~I have my doubts about the hat too...and that style hat is stylin now--guess not in the animal print, eh?
    Pam~I will have to get very creative for the indoor shoots...ew boy!
    Terri~one false move and its frump--see how careful one must be at our age? Next time, maybe a shorter skirt? jeans? try, try again!