Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Tailored Skirt

This is attempt number 2 on the tailoring thing. Today, I went for a tailored skirt rather than a jacket.  This skirt, even though it was inexpensive, just fits PERFECTLY and because of this, becomes tailored.  It has a very well made yoke, that falls exactly where it should.  It has deep, low pockets.  The fabric, unfortunatly, is synthetic, yet falls well.  When I bought the skirt, it looked like the hem had never been pressed--maybe that's how Zara's could offer it so inexpensively!

sweater and vest~Marshall's

Styling first started with the sweater,  then I just started piling on the stuff--the vest, the scarf, dangly earrings.  

And how excited am I that I can still wear these shooties???  They give me my funk.  Won't be able to wear them too much longer tho...snow in the forecast...I have been saying that tho......

Fabrics: Sweater-cashmere, scarf-wool challis, skirt-some synthetic, stockings-merino wool.  I'm hoping that the better fabrics will outweigh the synthetic!

Do we have tailoring that dosen't look stodgy?


  1. No skirt can ever be wrong to me, I love them all, hehehehehe.
    Yours look so pretty on you. I adore, adore those shoes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. great! the skirt just grounds the outfit and gives it structure to balance the tee and floaty scarf. and that is a great cut - i forgot if you sew, but you could rip it up to make a pattern to sew one (or more!) up in swankier fabric very easily.

    and i second sacramento on the shooties!! have a great day, steph

  3. I am glad to see these pleats! I have a pleated skirt and have been worrying that possibly I should have left it for a "school girl" to buy...

    the leopard vest is growing on me. Keep those toes warm when the snow begins to fall.

  4. The shooties are so cute and, of course, cashmere can help any synthetic! The outfit is precious...but I really like your camel coat!

  5. This furry vest! THis furry vest! I LOVE. Love!
    (Maybe put the overtheknee boots on a Christmas wish list???)

  6. Yokes are good things. A pleat coming off a waist can make even a perfect tummy look poofy.

  7. Sacramento~and we both loved Serene's skirt of today...
    Steph~I have been thinking about actually making a businees out of making patterns/duplicates of your favorite clothes...
    Terri~Pleats are tricky--either too school girl or school marm..got rid of both. I think the key is length!
    Vest--same for me--its just a fun thing for the season!
    Pam~the camel coat had been resting in my closet for a while and resurrected it this year with the camel craze.
    Vanessa~I always think of you with the fuzzy stuff-like shearling clogs...
    Rose~YOKES ARE GOOD THINGS FOR SURE! It would be a big pouf without it--you are so right!