Thursday, December 9, 2010

Got my Sexy Back

In looking at my photo from yesterday, I had to get something back--yeah, maybe the funk, mojo, sexy...something.  That conservative look, while in my style spectrum, (right Steph?) was just a little out of my comfort zone.  Feeling more like myself today in a tailored jacket (ancient), my skinny jeans and heels.

There are so many cool details in this jacket--the covered buttons, the double peplum in front, the shawl collar and the teeny plaid.  I got this vintage way too long ago to mention, and is actually a suit with an adorable pleated short skirt.  Skirt is unwearable for me now, but I won't break up this suit.

shirt~Issac Mizrahi

I had to add a flash of color and really added two--the shirt and the scarf.  I wouldn't be keeping the jacket buttoned all day--but it was good to know I could!

Shoes were inspired by a few blogs this week that had wedge booties--I had to substitute--as you may know I already have 18 pairs of boots and I really shouldn't buy anymore.....

I think jeans that are so fitted like this are a tailored item, do you?


  1. I have to admit that I like this look better than the last few, although I'm not sure that's got anything to do with tailoring or conservatism. For me, I think it's the long, simple line of the jeans that works -- I guess I like outfits that are more grounded and the dark jeans do that for me. Being more conservative, dress-wise, than you, I'd probably keep the footwear dark as well, but it looks like you have much fun with mixing up the socks and shoes for more funk.

  2. should also add that I love that shirt and scarf together -- they look quite Paul Smith to me.

  3. Love this. That jacket is too fab!

  4. Love the jacket. Fantastic with anything!!!

  5. Alright Missy!!! Just who the HECK do you think you are? Lookin' all hotcha tacha in that outfit! Those jeans and jacket are so fabulous on you!!! The fit it perfection and your backside looks like you could bounce a dime off of it in those jeans....this may be my favorite look of yours EVER! Loving the shoes too! ~Serene

  6. Yes! Those jeans are killer on you, Paula! Man, why don't I look like that in skinny pants? *grumble*

    I love that jacket - what a classic piece. I am all about the details on it.

  7. Really love that jacket
    the detailing is great.
    You can rock those skinny jeans sister!

  8. Great outfit Paula...the jacket is incredible! you look amazing in it...I am jealous!!

  9. Paula--You've got your mojo back! Great jacket! I like the collar! And the skinnies--you've almost got me convinced to at least try a pair.

  10. Spec-freakin-tabular!

    Adore the jacket. The shirt combo is perfection. And those jeans are stunning.

  11. You should sing a song of praise that you've got the legs to wear those jeans at 50+!

    Your series has sent me to google several times looking for definitions of tailoring. The best I can say is that it's a fluid construct. My question is what's the difference between tailored and fitted?

    When I think of tailoring I think of sewing constructs -darts, seams, pleats- that hold the fabric to the wearer's shape. I'm not sure if skinny jeans meet that criteria because they rely more on cut and the stretch of the fabric. What do you think?

  12. Mater~its funny how even though the former outfits were "age appropriate" there was something aging for me with too much tailoring--and/or conservatism, no?
    I think its the stripes that look like Paul Smith stuff, right?
    Thanks Joy!
    Sacramento~I used to wear the jacket with a skirt for work, but I changed it to jeans and I think it works!
    Ah, serene, my friend, you make me laugh...thanks
    I'm only recenltly about details, Sheila--didn't care too much before--I was always about a huge statement. So now its fine details--like frosting..
    Silvergirl~I tell people that over 50's can wear skinny jeans--the heels help! Thanks.
    Pam~Thanks and anyone can rock a GOOD TAILORED JACKET!
    Terri~YOU could so do a pair of skinny jeans--and a nicely tailored jacket--those students of yours would be thrilled! Shock them.
    Still~lol, thanks!
    Rose~Very good question but I think it goes like this (speaking from experience as a tailor and a dressmaker)Back in the day, when evreything was made to fit, seamstresses tailored the clothing to fit the wearer. As we no longer have dressmakers or have our stuff tailored to fit, we call something "tailored" when it comes close--as that's all you're going to get with ready-to-wear now. So on the jeans issue, we now search through millions (!) of jeans to find a ready-to-wear pair that is as close to "tailored" as we can get. How does that sound?

  13. WOW! this is just perfect on you!! man, those colorz look so deleeshhh. yikes! (okay. i'm calmer now)

    seriously, this seems like a candidate for 'uniform' or 'template' status in your wardrobe or style sheet or whatnot. great jeans showing off killer leg/'ahem' area, tailored-fitted jacket hitting at hi hip, and KaPOw!!! color and pattern all crazy on the top!!! just love it, and it's oozing mojo.

    seems like this was a highly productive week for you, Paula!! have a great weekend! steph

  14. Baby Got Back! Super-sexy back! 'Love everything you've got going on in this sweet ensemble! And it's highlighting a LOT of your excellent bodaciousness.