Monday, December 6, 2010

Tailored~Farty or Modern?

jacket~Ann Taylor
shirt~Victorias Secret

Here is my first attempt at the tailored/quality fabric look.  I had forgotten how much I loved this jacket and 5 years later, I still love it.  Its is my tailored piece of the day.

I went for my funk with the florescent colored sweater--can't go all conservative and expected, can I?  I really love the way it takes the English Country woman right out of this blazer!

I'll need to replace this denim skirt soon--its looking a little ragged--I have worn it to death!  Maybe Santa will bring me one....

My winkle pickers are hanging in there...with my medium brown,cotton tights that are working out just great!

So is the tailored thing working or not?

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  1. it's working, Big Time! that jacket is great on you - it even has a wee '40's vibe, making your look even more 'of the moment' (throwing retro!)

    & that lime green brings the whole thing immediately up to date! your week is off to a fantastic start. Brava! steph

  2. Workin' like a charm baby! Not in the least bit farty! LOL I love that jacket...very elegant. ~Serene

  3. Love the jacket,and the way you brought back to life with that lime green top. Adore your boots!!!

  4. Yup, the lime green top is what makes this outfit modern & chic. Love it!

  5. This outfit completely works...but I love the tailored look. Lime green or any color works with this! This jacket fits you so well and if you get a new skirt...stay with this look. I also like your boots.

  6. The shape of the jacket is, to me, very youthful and fun even though tailored. And of course the colorful top, length of the skirt, and tights/boots combo all add to the "free and fun" feel, in my opinion. Not even CLOSE to farty.

  7. Aargh--don't think my first attempt at a comment registered. If it did, please delete this.

    I am a fan of tailored pieces! And this jacket looks lovely. The sweater color is unexpected. Perhaps Santa will bring you a new denim skirt. I know once I find one, I tend to wear it into Rags.

  8. I think the pop of neon modernized the outfit. I think it would look a little less fun if you did the top in a neutral color. So, good save!

  9. The jacket looks really great! And the yellow brings it all to a different level. ;)

  10. Steph~you are right-on about the jacket--it has a peplumish shape so its that 40's vibe! You know your fashion, gf!
    Serene~got the jacket back in the office days, but it is worth its weight in gold!
    Sacramento~those are my winkle pickers! Yours are way fabulous!
    Still~welcome back-gives it a jolt!
    Pam~I'm hoping santa brings me one....
    Anne~the shape of the jacket is great; its the tweed that could make me look ol (old lady!)
    Terri~lol that always happens to you :~} and as you can see, i have worn this one to rags. at What I wore, one day she said blue denim skirts are boring...I couldnt do with out several in my wardrobe....
    Becca~it would be sooooo boring....not me!
    Flow~Thanks, had to find something to give it an edge...