Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Little Hippie Dip

When I went in my closet this morning, I was thinking fun--short skirt, tights, cute sweater.  Alas, no short skirt spoke to me.  Surprisingly, what did speak to me was this  long Ralph Lauren silk skirt.

better photo, weird pose
 I ended up a little hippy-dippy with this long, flowey skirt--sort of the other end of the style spectrum, right Steph?  As much as I don't like long skirts, I love this skirt,  maybe because this one is so girly and swirly.  (I can see you swirling in it now, Serene!) 

sweater~don't remember
skirt~ Ralph Lauren outlet
 The sweater?  100% merino wool, soooo old- I used to feel big in it--now I feel small!  Funny how that happens....

I did honking big hoops for the earrings; true to this hippy style.  And did  I mention it was freezing, freezing cold today?  Hence, finally, the boots.

Who likes long skirts? 


  1. I'm asking myself, "Why is she not SWIRLING?!" This is just a beautiful skirt and it looks lovely on you! I'm not used to seeing you in a long skirt, but it suits you as well as the short ones. Fabulous! Now go swirl girl! ~Serene

  2. Wonderful silk paisley pattern skirt.Soooooooooooo beautiful, and you look grand.

  3. Me! Me! I love long skirts sooo much. I remember seeing this skirt in the stores a couple of years ago and swooning over it (not over the price, though, which was ridiculously high).

    You look awesome in this, Paula!

  4. Paula, This skirt is gorgeous...I wish I could touch it...the fabric is beautiful. It is more my length and according to the new Harper's Bazaar...the longer length in skirts is in for spring!!

  5. I used to wear long skirts all the time
    Glad to see they are coming back for spring
    I love long skirts and boots. Best way to wear them in my opinion

  6. I love me some hippy-dippy, but it's funny, that's not the vibe I'm getting from this outfit. I think Sacramento's word choice -- grand -- is right on! It has to be the rich colors of that skirt that give it a more elegant flavor. Quite lovely.

  7. You look so great and so classic. I don't think it's hippy dippy at all!!

  8. Well you know I like a long skirt! I love the pattern in this and styled a bit differently, you could almost call Lauren, McQueen!

  9. Serene~I have to get the swirl down with the camera...I will try! I want to swirl~
    Sacramento~I know YOU love a long skirt!
    Sheila~I got it for a steal, and it has really been a great staple--even though I really don't like long skirts--truth be told!
    Pam, it is about the touch with this skirt. I don't think I'll be on board with the long skirts for spring--sort of ruins my best feature!
    Silvergirl~I used to wear them a lot more, but they really are a pain at work--I'm always driving my chair over them! And I agree, the best way to wear them is with boots.
    Anne~you are right, it really dosen't look hippie, I just feel that way.
    Joy~thanks its the memory of the long skirts in my hippie days.
    Terri~lol, I know I could funk it up. I do know you love a long skirt--but I love seeing your legs too! A good balance of both, I think.