Sunday, November 7, 2010

Profound Thought~Truth

Have you ever noticed how strange coincidences can take place in one weeks' time?  Like a themed thread that runs through your life--maybe we just perceive it that way, or is it THE TRUTH?

Truth.  It rears its ugly head no matter how hard you try.  That was my "thread" for the week.  It came to me in three (3) ways: a book, a movie and a friend.

The book.  I had book club this week and the book was Sarah's Key, by Tatania Derosnay.  It was about Parisian children from the holocaust, and all those ramifications.  When asked what we thought the theme was, to me it was: the truth comes out, no matter how hard you try to repress it. 
The second, a movie: Alfie.  Remember this movie with Michael Caine?  You may remember the beautiful theme song.  Alfie is a playboy with a very chauvinistic attitude.  And while he tries to keep unattached from "birds" (women), kids and responsibility, he finds as he gets older, he just can't run away from it---TRUTH.


And then thirdly, a friend, who has tried to hide the truth behind rose colored glasses has finally seen part of the truth, at least. 



  1. Yes, I do remember the film Alfie. Have not heard of this title, but a book I read recently about a holocaust survivor who became greatly interested in fashion after being obliged to see so many naked women at once, was very, very moving.

    Sometimes humans can only see the truth, when they are ready for it.

  2. Google ate my comment!

    I think unless it's life/death that friends go gently with others who have trouble accepting the truth. Although we like to think of the truth as one solid thing that's unchanging I think sometimes it's a process and takes time.

  3. Terri~It is a matter of being ready for it-you sort of know but look the other way...
    Rose, don't you just hate that?
    Thats a different way to look at it...that its a process...