Saturday, November 13, 2010

Turtlenecks-Its a Wrap

sweater~Victorias Secret
silk skirt~Marshall's
I broke out today!  I've been doing this series on my turtlenecks, and trying to dress conservatively for work and then......THE ARTIST IN ME BROKE OUT!!! And I just went sort of wild with color!

This is the third and last of my turtlenecks.  I was hoping it would work as a Kate Moss-looks-like-she-just-threw-it-on piece.  Do I think it works?  Maybe not in the Kate Moss way, or in the Audrey Hepburn way, but in a practical way.  (ho-hum)

What made me even happier was it stopped raining, and I was able to wear my shooties!  I am loving these babies and they are a lot more versatile than I thought.  With stockings, my feet are toasty, even though temps are only in the 40's.  I might be able to wear them into the Holidays????  One can only hope...


What have I learned?  Turtlenecks are ok in moderation.  They look richer in a ribbed knit.  While I won't be buying any more,  I'll try to re-use these.  Maybe I can think of better  remixes......

Is it possible to take the turtleneck off a sweater?


  1. I never buy or wear turtleneck jumpers. Too uncomfortable for me...But you look ok in it.
    It is never too much colour. Love your outfits and adore your shoes. Where did you get them????????????????

  2. I´m visiting your blog for the first time, so hello!
    I wore turtlenecks 30 years ago, but not any more. These days I prefer open necklines. Turtlenecks look nice on you though!

  3. I want you to know that when I went on my un-shopping trip today (that's a shopping trip where I didn't actually plan to spend money) I looked at more skirts than I have in a long long time! Thanks to you for inspiring me to do so and for always looking so cute in skirts!!

  4. You might be able to cut the turtleneck off and make it a scoopneck with an unhemmed rolled edge.

    The gal at the blog "smiles go with everything" sometimes does surgery on clothes. You could check with her.

  5. The turtleneck looks great on you....they make me completely claustrophobic!! I can hardly wear a crew neck without wanting to rip my shirt off! The colors are fabulous! It looks really cold out there~ Serene

  6. Yellow and blue...and shivering! I like the bright red coat and the single button. And I do believe, the tights work great with the shoooties!

  7. You pull this sweater off beautifully. I love the punch of color and the layered shirt underneath.
    I know what Serene is saying about the claustro-effect of turtlenecks. They bother me the same way. I have one turtleneck. A ribbed, marino wool black turtleneck I bought in college to go with my Bob-Dylan-clove-smoking-high-literature-reading set of friends. I haven't worn it at all since then, and now it's at least 1 size too small.
    I love a cowlneck though. That I can get behind!

  8. Sacramento~I love those shooties too! Anthropologie on SALE, this past summer.
    Metscan~welcome! The tneck is not the staple that it seems like in all the "must have" lists!
    Over50~Don't you feel liberated in a way? Just think of all the possiblities! My pleasure!
    Rose, thanks for the suggestion; I will check her out.
    Serene~ Can you tell I was FREEZING! It was about 38 out. I want to cut the tneck off too!
    Terri~so the story on the tights: bought at tj's, bamboo, cotton and nylon. soft. put them on? My bum ripped right through the back! And they are too shiny anyway~oh well...
    Vanessa~love your dylan-style description--have a perfect visual for it! Oh, and I put my camera on vivid--lets see how my pics look this week--thanks!