Sunday, November 14, 2010

Profound Thought~Advanced Bloggers

Bust of a Woman, 1970
 With thoughts from Friend Fridays' questions, I really began to think about the strange and unusual over- 50-blogger.  Out of the blogger demographic, they don't tweet, some fb and maybe even fewer belong to IFB.  What's an advanced blogger (as in Advanced Style) to do?

Sometimes I feel like I'm having a party, and the google address is wrong.  (tee-hee)  I know they are out there--those over fifty women--maybe they have a little more time now, maybe they are looking for things to simplify their lives, maybe seeking some creativity. I understand though, we are all frustrated by the changing technology, we are tired of trying to keep up and have become world weary.  And haven't we seen it all before?

And fashion has really put us over the edge.  Many women have just given up--gotten off the fashion train, as a fellow blogger said.  The reasons?  Maybe because of years of frustrated shopping; maybe because we had no time as we were raising families.  And what designer is making clothes for the 50 year old?  And so we get stuck in what looked good on us 20 or 30 years ago.

Consequently, most women my age aren't tuning into cyberspace for fashion.  But I hope, with time and effort, they will come.  They will see there can be a lot of FUN in dressing at our age.  There is a lot of positive encouragement to be had here in cyberspace.  I love talking with women my age and discussing fashion/style/shopping--or any women for that matter!  Its a great way of connecting. 

Blogging is a creative outlet for me and has enriched my life.  Help me spread the word.    


  1. To be honest I never, ever think of age when I dress. I dress as I comes from my heart and my instint.
    Thank you very much for your kind comment.

  2. great to know how blogging has enriched your life.. i love to see the sheer diversity of bloggers from all ages and all places. now, i only wish my mom was a fashion blogger too :)

  3. This weekend, my mom (age 62) was admiring a lovely blouse with an elaborate ruffled neckline in a catalog. She showed it to me, and I agreed it was great. Then my mom sighed, "Oh, you have to be 29 to wear this."
    First I started laughing. 29 is very precise age. Then I was miffed. I'm 31, after all, but apparently those two extra years mean I am no longer lovely blouse-eligible.
    I asked her what she meant and she said that, yes, at age 31 I could still wear it. She cannot at 62. It required a "sophistication" beyond that of the teenager or young 20-something and the youthfulness of someone who is not her age.
    Hmmm... Bottom line is I can wear the blouse, and I still (kinda) need mom's approval. Some things don't change.
    PS. I didn't get the blouse. It was, like, $125.

  4. Paula--In some ways I think you are leading the charge in this demographic. It's true that I didn't concern myself too much with fashion during the years that I was raising children, then teenagers, and funds tended to go towards clothing them first. We just have to keep plugging away at it. And the Picasso is perfect for this post.

  5. Paula, WONDERFUL! It's true, as we age we've let "people" tell us what is "age appropriate". I like what Sacramento says, that she NEVER even considers age in what she wears. I've ALWAYS loved fashion and style, ever since I was a very small girl. But I've also been terribly insecure about it, not trusting my instinct and craving approval and affirmation. Going through a divorce a few years ago helped me rediscover myself (NOT recommending divorce LOL). Little by little I've started getting the voices of others out of my heads and trusting my taste and not making apologies for it. After all, there really is no "bad taste" in's just taste, everyone has their own.

    I've got an idea I'd like to run by you. I'll call or email you. Hugs! Serene

  6. Paula, I entered this world after bloggers like you blazed the trail! But, I see so many women over 50 who have shut down and think as "empty nesters" their lives are over. A woman I was around last night said, I FEEL OLD! She is mid 50s and I looked at her and said, "I feel young and joyful and I am going to have so much fun!" She asked me to bottle that feeling! My friend GIGI encouraged me to do this because she saw such joy whenever we go shopping and out to experience life. Expressing that youthful feeling through fashion is fun, but it has to come from within first. I hope all of us will encourage women like the one I was with last night to really live and laugh and find ways to express it whether it is through fashion, Picassos, writing, music, serving.....

  7. I believe that if you are a sane, " normal " woman ( or man ), your choices, including fashion, changes along with the years, and there is no reason for you to make yourself ( or someone else ) questions, like what clothes can I wear at this age, what clothes can I not wear anymore.
    One thing definitely has changed. A woman of a certain age can i n v e s t in clothes and accessories of fine quality!

  8. Sacramento~I envy you Sacramento, for not ever thinking of age in clothes!!! I wish I could do that--although I would dress like a sixteen year old!
    Devilishly~It's fired up my creative juices that have been dormant AND I have bonded with some wonderful women! Talk your mom into doing a
    Vanessa~wow there is a lot of stuff I could comment on in your comment! Is your mom still interested in Fashion/style for herself?
    Terri~I've always been interested in style and fashion, but you've come over to the side now too-don't you think it is a bit empowering?
    Serene~Yes, like me, always interested in the style/fashion thing. But people do make judgements, and in the working world, you have to think about what impression you make.
    Over50~and its that fun and female bonding of shopping, style that I loved when I was young too. there is no reason to give it up! My girlfriends/relatives love to get together and shop, talk, eat and drink--so much fun. too bad about your friend; I am sure you will help her!
    Metscan~I do notice tho, without the firm body of someone younger, cheaper fabrics look even WORSE on us! So, yes, investing in better quality is a wise choice.

  9. At 30 I was going through fertility treatments and the docs had me on meds that caused me to go into by the time I turned 50, I had been through menopause 4 times. At that time, my body started to change and I didn't like it. I stopped shopping. Since then I've been trying to come to grips with finding a new style sense more appropriate for my age and size. It's been challenging, but I've been lucky to have many women in my life older than I that I can emulate. Little by little, I'm finding people online of a similar age that are blogging about fashion, but there are few. I'm spreading the word for you by listing your site in my blogroll so my readers can stop by and eventually follow you, too. Your postings are quite thought provoking, and I'm really happy I stumbled upon your site.

  10. Thanks so much Karen and I have visited your site and love both of them so you will see me commenting soon!
    I feel for you and the menopause thing. I've had a rough go of it also--slipped into a depression earlier this year. I'n feeling great tho now--so as they say, this too shall pass....wish you the best and we'll talk again!

  11. I'm so happy to find your blog. As a fifty-three year old, I had resigned myself to a solitary fashion journey, as I couldn't find anyone my age who was still interested in dressing with flair. But here you and your readers are, and I am no longer alone. Hurray!