Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Skirt Length

sweater~ J. Crew
skirt~ Banana Republic
boots~ Nordstom Rack
It was a red sky this morning~ "sailors take warning".... but we had a beautiful day all day!

My outfit thinking today was I wanted to wear something I hadn't worn in a while.  Hiding in my closet was this skirt, and I wondered why I hadn't worn it; as soon as I put it on I knew!  It is a little too long.  The it all came back to me. I had debated taking up the hem, but knew it would take away from the flowing lines of the skirt and I decided against it.

Because of this longer length,  I would have to wear boots with it.  My legs are thin, so any skirt that is more than an inch below my knees, I have to wear boots to balance my shape out.  I know this is different for everyone--some women's perfect length is right at the beginning of the calf; about 3 inches below the knee.

So I hauled out my new boots.  I have another pair of cowboy boots that I used to wear with this skirt, but I needed a change!

So, where's the funk today, Paula, you ask?  I had to relegate it to my accessories--my earrings!  I made sure I made them HONKING BIG.

What length is perfect for you?


  1. What fabulous earrings!! The print on the skirt is just beautiful. I think my perfect length is right around my knee or just above. I've always been so self conscious of my legs, but I'm beginning to like them! ~Serene

  2. I love the colors in the skirt. I think I'm still looking for the right length. I have a couple of skirts that I believe still look okay at 3-4" above my knee, but I seldom wear them for fear that I'm leaving a trail of snickers... You already know that I like a long length, but as for what looks best, the jury is still out.

  3. Serene~earrings came in bright colors also and they are really light in weight~
    I think a shorter skirt can be younger and you'll see my next post..more about length..
    Terri~Its tough, fine line and I have the same trouble also..see Thursdays's post.

  4. That definitely works!

  5. I'm trying to feel the love here but something doesn't seem right...maybe that the skirt and sweater cut you in half? Or maybe higher boots or shorter sweater?

    The earrings are awesome!