Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Costume Changes

I was looking at a honking big pile of clothes this morning in my bathroom, and realized they were all my clothes from yesterday.  God there was an awful lot.  In going through them I noted that I generally change three times in a day.   And there it was for me to see:  workout clothes, work clothes and after-work clothes.

I had been thinking about doing a workout clothes post--I mean after all, 1/3 of my dressing is workout wear.  Not that I take much care in that--in fact I purposely workout in my backyard so no one can see my work-out get-ups.  (I see that all of my accessories are leopard--ugh--so over it!)

And today I have semi-work clothes on.  I hauled out some old jeans that were a lighter wash than I have been wearing.  I choose to wear a longer sweat-shirt but had to brighten it up with a peach color sweater and pink scarf.  Flat shoes were the only way to go with the length on these jeans.

Oh, and my new little vest addition?  Love it on the outside with this outfit.  I almost took it back yesterday, because I felt too busty in it.  Too bad its another leopard print!

vest and sweatshirt~  Marshall's
jeans~ Cache
sweater~ Ann Taylor

How many times do you change in a day?


  1. I love the long hoodie you wear....I've seen you wear that before. Paula, I have to tell you, you are brilliant at layering! ~Serene

  2. Paula--I like the vest AND the long hoodie! In fact, I've kinda been shopping a hoodie to wear with a blazer, hood out, a look that "What Would a Nerd Wear" featured recently.

    As for the pile of clothes, I have a whirlwind of a pile by the end of a work week. I clean it up on the weekends and start all over again. That's what the settee in my bedroom is for, isn't it?

  3. I go from PJs, to work clothes, to gym clothes (on a good day) back to pjs. (Not really much of a social life in between. I'm gonna have to work on adding a third rotation of clothing!

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  5. I'm all for post-workout ideas.

    I have 20 minutes between Sunday morning Yoga and church - two "must-attend" activitites.

    Obviously no shower, but what to throw over Yoga pants that will look decent?

  6. Sorry ladies for the late post, but had book club last night!
    Serene~Thanks so much Darlin! Big Girl, Small budget's blog--she is really good a layering also!
    Terri~that's my schedule also with my pile...and it is BIG by the end of the week!
    Vanessa~that's still a lot of clothes! If I go out social, I wear my work clothes with maybe just a change of shoes, or other accessories.
    Welcome la mi! Glad you stopped by and I will check out your blog!
    Rose~ Maybe a short dress worn like a tunic over the yoga pants? Trench coats are always a good cheat also.