Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dangerous Territory

 Life and stuff is sometimes a very weird thing.  What seems to be simple sometimes really isn't.

Take for example this skirt.  Just yesterday (by coincidence, REALLY!), I was talking about skirt length.  And then today, I wandered into this dangerous territory of maybe just-a-little-too-short skirt length.  The weird thing is;  I had worn this skirt ALL summer, and the length didn't concern me.  Today, when I looked at these pictures, hmmmm.  Had to think a bit.

And that's really part of the reason I have this blog.  To have conversations about stuff like this.  At my age, (56 soon~) I am wondering.....I know the legs are the last to go, and I am taking full advantage of that, believe me, but, well you see what I am saying here.  Should I or shouldn't I????

Furthermore, there is the new job thing.  I mean, I really have to try and garner some respect.  (did NOT wear this to work, by the way)  Tricky thing this~

I did push the limit with the proportions with the longer top.  What I wanted to do was to re-mix this top with something other than leggings. I could live in them--don't know if this remix was such a good idea.

I'm thinking, NOT for work, and I don't know; should I add another layer of ruffles to the skirt or just save it for the summer?

Life is weird, and not so simple.

Do we have a verdict, friends?


  1. You have great legs. Don't lengthen the skirt. But I agree, wear it in situation appropriate not at work. But PERFECT for weekend, day off, whatever!

    And I love it with the long jacket and denim colored tights.

  2. I wear a short skirt to campus about ONCE a semester. If I was starting a new job, I doubt I would ever wear one until I felt the position was truly secure (in academia that takes five years!) But, just yesterday, I wore a petite jumper that I was about to discard for the last time...I paired it with patterned tights and suddenly it no longer seemed too short.

    So, I think the tights make this work appropriate!! It's a GO.

  3. Paula, while this may not be work appropriate, I'm telling you honestly, it looks fabulous on you! Especially with the tights. But I try to ask myself a couple of questions. How do I FEEL in an outfit? and How do I FEEL in an outfit? LOL If you feel great in it! If you feel really self conscious or uncomfortable....then just forego it, no matter anyone else's opinion. Confidence looks better than any outfit! :) ~Serene

  4. I have some reservations about a soon to be 56 y/o woman in a skirt with two tiers of ruffles. I feel like you want to aim for womanly, not girly or matronly.

    That said, I like above the knee skirts. They're modern. The work world is tough for us over 50s and we need to look and be modern or some 20-something will steal our jobs.

    My test on skirt lengths is that when I sit down the backs of my legs should still be covered by the skirt material. Otherwise I end up with the skirt halfway up my thighs and then when people show up in my office I can't move around or reach for something without feeling like I ought to be tugging the skirt down.

  5. Paula, first of all I wish I could wear this skirt!! You really look great in it, but I do think it is a fun skirt for fun times. If I doubt weather I should wear something to work, that usually tells me that I shouldn't. The doubt is there for a reason. I think especially with a new job and building new relationships with workers, it is best to be on this side of caution...but, honestly, I wish I looked like that in a short skirt!

  6. I'd say no for work, but otherwise it works surprisingly well. I'm trying to figure out why, because ordinarily I'd think that skirt was way too short. It must be the combination of opaque tights, fairly conservative boots, and well-covered upper half. Also the ruffles on the skirt make it less form-fitting, which makes a big difference in my view. (Plus, have I mentioned recently that everything looks great on you????)

  7. I agree with all of the above on the no-work, but I think it's pretty darn cute. When you add the big ruffle/flounce to the shorter skirt length it does make the skirt appear very youthful, but the tights make it work!

  8. I really like that outfit! And I feel like Anne explained why perfectly, so I won't rehash.
    I've been worried that my miniskirts were going to need to take a permanent vacation next year (I saw a "NO Minis after 35" sign on What Not to Wear). But you've convinced me otherwise. Styled properly they can totally stick around. Huzzah!!!

    Thanks for the "follow" love. So happy to make new bloggy friends. :)
    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  9. While not for your new workplace, the skirt looks great -- the nearly-denim tights work to soften the length, as does the ruffle.

  10. So glad to hear all of your comments! It helps and it reaffirms what I was thinking--I'm going to wait on this one for work, but have some fun in it OUTSIDE of work.
    Still~the denim colored tights are a STAPLE!
    Terri~You make me laugh...Its like we can cheat with a short skirt once a month-you look good in them also, btw.
    Over50~I'm glad we are all on the same page..
    Anne~thanks for your sweet words and I did try to balance it all out!
    Vanessa~I hesitated on buying the skirt for that reason, but it fits really well and works!
    Molly~Welcome and thank YOU for following. Lets be rebels together...
    Mater~its almost unanimous!

    Rose, I like your test! And I'm so glad someone else sees shorter skirts as a modern thing we can all do!

    Serene~very good point about feeling confident...its the most important part!

  11. You do have GREAT legs! A month ago, I would've said NO WAY a mini after 50. But since then, I saw one of those 5-minute fashion shows on one of the morning TV shows, and they had an older model (she had very short, gray hair) who was wearing tights and a mini and it looked great on her. I think the tights make a big difference, because your legs are still covered. Personally, although I'm 57 and still have pretty good legs, I probably wouldn't go shorter than 2 inches above the knee. It just feels too young and girly, and I'm trying to project more gravitas now. But that's ME -- maybe you're different.

  12. Thanks Mary, and I guess rules are made to be broken--I am an old hippie, so love to break the rules. Stockings I thought helped, but this was the opposite! Go figure...Would you wear a short tennis skirt???