Thursday, November 18, 2010

Silk, Purple Stockings and Leather Jacket

First of all, let me give give credit to the people that gave me the inspiration for this outfit today!  Serene and Style Underdog for their maroon stockings of yesterday, they gave me the purple stockings of today.  Vanessa gave me the idea of layering a skirt under a dress (she did skirt over a dress, but you know what I mean).  All this in lieu of tomorrow's topic on Friend Friday.

Back to the silk thing.  The tunic/dress is my silk for today.  I didn't realise it but, what a great transitional material it is!  It is warm, but light and doesn't stick does to your stockings like cotton.  Some people say that silk is too hot for the summer~so here you go--try it in the spring and the fall!  I love the mix of the summery with the wintry.   
I had this vision this morning of this tunic top with my purple tights--I just thought it would be a really brilliant color combination.  And, I managed to get another good color combination on the shoes and the stockings~ taupe and purple.  Boy, did I get a lot of judgemental looks today at the museum!  All those old ladies (wait a minute---how old am I?) were just freaking out.  Really.

And the other good thing?  This leather jacket, that I temporarily stole from my son, was $19.99 at Marshall's last Christmas.  Actually, the motorcycle jacket was inspired yesterday by Jessica Quirk--her jacket fits her better tho~

Do you think purple stockings are more daring than maroon?


  1. I love the purple with that tunic top!

  2. Whoa, Paula--great photos and such wonderful light. I like silk because it makes me feel like I'm nekkid! Props to the son on the leather jacket and lettin' mom wear it. And the clogs, I want.

    It is good to challenge the sensibilities of old ladies. :)

  3. Paula, Once again I can never go wrong with PURPLE! I have other teachers who look at me that way...that's why I have been behind the mask so long. But bold & brave & fun women like you ladies have helped me get over it! Soon, I will hide no longer and just might buy some PURPLE TIGHTS!

  4. heh.. I like your smile.. and your stilization is nice as well.. Oh.. I miss that warm days..

  5. You look great. I wish I could have been there to shoot the stare back at the old ladies. Although I'm sure they were just

  6. The purples are an absolute winner! Oh my I am dying - I truly love your silk tunic over the skirt - I'm afraid I just going to have to copy this look, thanks to you:) The old ladies are wishing they were brave and spunky like you:) xoxo

  7. Haha! I'd love to have seen the looks cast your way by those old ladies! hehe. I can just imagine it! I bet they were really admiring glances and "wow, look at the gams on her" but still... it's more fun to imagine they were being snide.
    The long tunic/dress over skirt is cool looking. It makes you look very tall and lean and flow-y. (Not a word, not a word at all!)
    And, you'll be relieved to know that I'm wearing color again today. I thought of you as I was standing at my closet door this morning. I thought: color, I've got to wear something bright, or I'll have to reckon with Paula!

  8. I see you are in a purple and blue mood today!!

  9. I think that it is great that there are those, who dress to please themselves, rather than to impress others. My color palette consists of very few colors, but that is my wish!

  10. Paula, I think this is wonderful!!! I can see by the smile on your face that you feel wonderful in it! I read on another blog that tights on over 30 women were very WRONG, but I completely disagree. If loving colored tights are wrong, I don't want to be right! ~Serene

  11. Mater~I thought it was a good color combination also!
    Terri~You make me laugh...nekked.
    Over50~Sometimes you just got to say what the heck!
    Thanks, abuziary!
    Still~who would have thought....
    Lisa~we could have had a few laughs together....
    Copy all you want, Pull...; I will feel very flattered!
    Vanessa~oh i was dying for you wearing all those PLAIN colors--glad to have you back, and love to be in the thoughts of people as they are getting dressed!
    Sacramento~not so blue, but very purple!
    Metscan, an to each their own tastes!
    Serene~Is that the song for today?

  12. are purple stockings more daring than maroon? It all depends on what you pair them with.

    I'm with you on the silk is an amazing fabric. I honestly love it so much, the only thing I hate is the dry cleaning part. Do you dry clean or handwash yours?

    ~Em K

    Love the purple tights by the way :)

  13. haha, i was laughing at your comments on old ladies freaking out! love the wash of purple. i do think it's bolder and brighter than maroon, but you sure carried it off with panache

  14. Em K~ I hand wash all my silks--it works out very well! I use woolite, and dry them on a drying rack inside. Thanks and hope this helps!
    DP~ so true...course I am old too but....purple has the edge--I think so too~

  15. you look fabulous. Love the tunic!

  16. how much tights u have? i like it.