Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Second Day of Silk

It was a dark, rainy morning.  Seriously, it was so dark out this morning, I had to use the flash AND a lamp to take these pictures!  These November mornings with the sun so low in the sky, makes it tough to take pictures inside.  Hopefully, I can make an interesting background tomorrow.  Today I look like a teacher about to give a lecture on this scroll.....

sweater~madewell $$$$
skirt~ thrifted
I love silk.  I love all natural fibers, for that matter.  This skirt is a really nice silk twill that  doesn't wrinkle.  A lot of natural fibers tend to wrinkle more than the synthetics which may bother some people, but it doesn't bother me!  I also loved this print--its sort of art-noveau--and for a thrifted piece, it was a little pricey ($30.)  Bought it anyway, much to the chagrin of my husband, who happened to be with me that day.  Sometimes the fabric makes all the difference.

A lot of times while shopping, I just feel the fabric.  I can generally tell just by the touch, if it is synthetic or not.  Years ago, designers would use only the best fabrics, which most of the time were made of natural fibers.  Now, I am really disappointed when I find a beautiful designed dress-- made out of 100% polyester!  That is usually a deal breaker.

The sweater is 100% wool, and my tee underneath is 100% cotton--along with my tights.

Sorry all, but I tried taking a picture of my earrings, which are handmade by a local artisan.  None of  the pictures came out--just too dark.  (note to self--take separate pictures of earrings...)

Oh, and I didn't mention my clogs on purpose.  They crop up in my outfits a lot and I have so many other shoes!  Why do I do it?  They are just so practical in the rain!

Do you mind wrinkles (in clothing that is)?  


  1. I just love the pink pattern in the skirt! What a great color pallette to face a dark, dreary day makes me smile because you are smiling and the skirt is joyful!

  2. It is a lovely print. It's a nice pop with the dark top and legs.

    I put a lot of priority on things that won't wrinkle and don't have to be dry cleaned.

    My most worn dresses area always the ones that can live on the floor of my closet and spring wrinkle-free into service -- with no trips to the ironing board!

  3. Love this!

    I can't buy anything that's linen due to the fact that it wrinkles when I look at it. Silk, I can live with the wrinkling. Call me crazy.

  4. I, too, love this outfit! And you're right: natural fabrics just feel and wear better, even with the odd wrinkle.

  5. {aula--but these are a DIFFERENT pair of clogs! You look so young in the earring photograph (and not hung over at all--amazing). I often shop by running my hand along the racks in the thrifts, searching for that inexplicable "feel."

  6. I would definitely listen to a lecture on that scroll if my teacher was dressed as stylishly as you! That skirt print is fabulous, and I really like it paired with soft grays and belted.
    (And, I know, I've entered a two-day black rut! I need to add some color back in my wardrobe. It's been two days, 2 days, TWO DAYS! of wearing mostly black. This. must. end. I blame November, and, like you said, the quickly setting sun.)

  7. I love that skirt. It is absolutely beautiful!!

    I hate wrinkles in clothes and yet, invariably, I buy things that need to be ironed. And you know what I hate more than wrinkles? Ironing!

  8. Love, love, love that silk skirt, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (sigh)
    Nice photo with the pinky oriental background picture.
    Looking forward to your next post already.

  9. Oh Paula....the skirt is just gorgeous!!! I love that it's highlighted with the darker fabrics, it actually makes the print of the skirt pop! I LOVE ironing! LOL I really do! I won't wear something that's wrinkled when I put it on. I try not to stress about if it gets wrinkled while I'm wearing it. I love the fresh pressed look of clothes. I've even ironed my sheets and sprayed them with linen spray. LOVE IT! ~Serene

  10. Over50~I'll never figure out why stores have the dullest colors when its the DULLEST outside. Need something to spark things up!
    Rose~ You make me laugh! Glad to hear there is another housekeeper like me!
    Still~ and wrinkles that are caused from sitting are better than a real wrinkled mess after us all crazy!
    Adubs~ and I hear people over the pond can deal with wrinkles better--?
    Terri~I was a good girl last night! I could have gone bad very easily!
    Vanessa~HOW DID YOU DO IT? AND WHY???
    jOY~you should hire Serene..she loves to iron!
    Sacramento~much thanks my friend!
    Serene~some of my friends find ironing chathartic--sounds like you do tooo!