Monday, November 22, 2010

Shrug Week

Ok, so there is Shark Week, and then there is Shrug Week.  I am in love with shrugs, boleros, or any other cropped typed of top.  I have a few, and will try and style them this week.  They just happen to work for me.  I think because an empire waist is so flattering on me and this makes a great topper.  They are even more important to me in the summer to hide the bingo arms....

bolero/shrug~J Peterman catalog
ethnic tunic~Marshall's

Details~The shrug or bolero ( I think the difference between them is in the amount of fabric on the bodice.  A shrug just covers the shoulders and a bolero has material in the front) is 100%wool, and is a marled brown.  It fits perfectly, and is NOT itchy.  It's about 10 years old, (J. Peterman has been out of business for a long time) and still has not pilled!  I love ethnic prints--I don't tire of them as they have a certain character.  My jeggings and my shooties--such a staple--who would've  thought?

Oh, and just check out these earrings!  They are Indian fabric covering half-moon wood covered disks.  They are so light and they show up in my hair--a problem for me lately.  AND they have a different fabric on the reverse side!  They were a museum purchase last week--don't they have the best little gifts?  (a little reminder for Christmas gifts...)

Peabody Essex Museum $24.

Any other bolero/shrug fans out there? 


  1. First time I hear the expresion: bingo arams, hehehhe. You are funny.
    Un abrazo.

  2. Paula, I love these earrings and the reminder about museum shops is a good one...I have not been by there in a long time! I love to here gift giving ideas so bring them on! I also really like your printed put this together really well.

  3. Great outfit. Knew I'd like seeing more of that dress/tunic!

    Oooo, and think about trying that long-sleeve shirt & leggings under your crocheted tunic.

    I'm a huge shrug fan in the summer, especially with a tank dress or maxi. Hadn't thought of doing one over a long sleeve shirt. Great idea.

  4. I love the ethnic patterned tunic paired with those fun earrings. (how cool that they are lightweight)
    Shrugs don't work on my body type but this looks great on you!

  5. I'm just starting to grow self-conscious about my upper arms. I was snooping around on Peruvian connection late last night and found a great leather bolero on sale. Way out of the price range just now, but I began to involuntarily drool. The earrings are a great find!

  6. Very cute
    Reminds me of something Gretchen would come up with on this season of Project Runway

  7. I LOVE the earrings!!! All these colors are great on you! I just can't pull off a shrug for some reason. Looks really good on you though! ~Serene

  8. I love your tunic and the earrings! Beautiful and I like the ethnic vibe. I have just been going over your posts and I have to say your style is really, truly remarkable and you do look good in everything!
    Wonderful blog!

  9. Ha! Shrug/Shark week made me chuckle. I agree 100 percent with your statement about not tiring of ethnic prints as easily as others. I do love floral prints, but I can get bored with them after a while. But, give me a good graffic, bold ethnic print (or a tartan/plaid of any stripe, shape, size, color) and I'm happy for life.

  10. Sacramento~alas, they much as I try..
    Over50~you are welcome and thank you!
    Still, I was thinkig of you when I put it on...and you are right..I may try it under the crotchet number!
    Lisa, I thought shrugs would work on anyone..why doesn't it work on you?
    Terri~me too--its just the texture of the skin..and I love Perucvian connection but prices are just too dear....another blogger was talking about it the other day...
    silvergirl~I was a mondo fan myself, but I did like Gretchen's stuff too!
    Serene~my other friend said the same thing..I wonder why?
    Thanks colleen! Hope you come back!
    Vanessa~I think we come from the same mold...

  11. hi again- I think it's a "small body" thing...just looks wrong :)