Sunday, November 21, 2010

Not So Profound

Sometimes cleaning my closet becomes a journey.  A journey down memory lane, or a what-the-hell-am I-going-to-do-with-this journey.
This cage dress is one of those journeys.  Its been in a miscellaneous box in my closet for about 10 years now.  Back then, I wore it over a navy blue silk slip dress, but I am not feeling that right now.  I really don't want to give it up, one reason--its beautiful crochet work.  And secondly, it's so unique, I just can't part with it.
It does evoke some memories of another cage dress I had back in the sixties~

Alice, my paperdoll, with my flashback
This one was more of a lace cage than a crotchet cage dress.  Both were around in the sixties.  I loved this dress--it was my favorite color, and so stylish!  The only bummer?  I couldn't wear it to school, as it didn't meet the length requirement.  (We had to kneel down on the floor, and hem had to touch the floor!)

Lots of stuff happened while I cleaned my closet--and I know it does for a lot of women.  Sentimentality keeps us from getting rid of a lot of stuff.  I am tempted just to take a picture, and then pass this on.  Although for this one I don't think it's a sentimental attachment--yet--it still sits in my misc. box.

Can someone help me? Any ideas for this jewel?


  1. Most interesting. looking foward to see what you do with it or how you wear it.
    Un abrazo.

  2. Paula--you are so good at layering, I'm surprised that you haven't styled this up over slacks, with some sort of interesting underthing. It's a great piece and would go like wild fire on eBay, if you WERE inclined to part with it.

    I never had a cage dress, but I was a great fan of the color yellow back in the day. I don't recall the kneel test on skirts, but I do recall when culottes were iffy.

  3. Paula, this is really really pretty! I could see it layered over a tunic anything. Maybe worn like a sweater over a blouse and then belted. Maybe with leggings and a tee....underneath a treat jacket....maybe over an ivory tank tucked in a skirt. I love it! ~Serene

  4. A tunic & Legging with this would be AMAZING! Don't toss it. Way too beautiful!

  5. Gorgeous! crochet is my favorite of the openworks. more substantial and sturdy than lace, it seems to show the handwork of it more as well.

    for day: over a slim-fitting waffle weave long sleeve crew and slim fit jeans or jeggings with clogs, tall boots, or booties. i'd try a belt over it at the hips and see if you like it or not. throw a jean jacket over the top (jean jacket vest if the armholes are long enough).

    for nite: over a slim cut sleeveless tank and leggings. both in the same dark color (black, dark grey, navy, etc.) and heels. little booties with spike heels would be rad (i can't wear those, can you?). a shawl over your shoulders and Mr. FOF will be a happy man : )

  6. Paula, don't get rid of's wonderful and worth working with. I see a beautiful saturated silky brown underneath it with long gold and pearl necklaces over lace tights and short, old fashioned looking lace up boots .Whatever you is worth keeping!

  7. If it fits alright then I think you should style it up because it really looks like you.

    If it's tight, a sad but common problem, then I say sell it because some stick-thin girl will love it, then acquire something similar that does fit because, as I said above, it really looks like you.

  8. I´m an exception here now. I don´t get attached to clothes and have not saved any old clothing. But the dress is your´s, and for you to decide : )

  9. It looks like it might be cotton. If so, I would dye it and wear it over a bright contrasting color, maybe a metallic silk. Black over copper, purple over red, lime over hot pink. Or you could do tone-on-tone: chocolate over cafe au lait; lavender over purple, etc.

  10. Paula, don't let it's totally you!

  11. Sacramento~i've receivd so many great ideas, and I'm going to try them all!
    Terri~I don't know with this one, i was stymied. Now I have tons of ideas!
    Surprised you didnt have the kneel down test...
    Serene~great ideas--I'm going to try as many as I can.
    Still~with all these great ideas, I'm keeping it!
    tiny~I love it, you have had a vision! Thanks so much--and so detailed too! Love it! I agree, crotchet is gorgeous!
    Over 50~wow--you are cooking with idea too! Thank you!
    Rose, tried it on and it still fits~thanks for reminding me!
    Metscan~good for you! You are ahead of the game.
    Terri~great idea to dye it! I do dyeing, but I didn't think of dying this for some reason, but thanks!
    Lisa--its final; its a keeper!