Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Do you ever pose so that the clothes look better?  That's what I had to do in this skirt--it has a real funny shape--it comes in very slim at the knees.  If I stood straight, the skirt had a sort of pouf shape.  What ended up happening here is I loved the feeling of the top part of my outfit, and went berserk all day long with the bottom!

blouse~Century 21

The top part was so sensual, tho.  Don't you love when that happens?  The blouse is silk, and the bolero is an angora, cashmere and silk blend.  mmmmmm.  Felt great all day.

But as for the skirt?  It stuck to my stockings and made a project out of going to the loo.  I keep the skirt because it has great details and fits my jean pencil skirt quota.  Nonetheless, it maybe time for the thrift pile!

Oh, and is that clogs again?  Yup.

Do you have a love/hate relationship with some of your clothes?


  1. I have two skirts like that...if I stand a certain way in front of the mirror, they look great; but for real life, not really. I agree that if it doesn't work for real life...it is time for thrift! The top does look silky and rich! Also, I found a beret in my daughter's things and kept it...now your picture makes me want to give it a try!

  2. I have a love/hate with MOST of my clothes! LOL

    Love the beret and the red coat!!


  3. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with the grey skirt I included in my 30/30 remix. Something's off with the drape of it (or it needs a quick visit to the cleaners) and I definitely have to watch how I pose. The camera is better at reporting this to me than a mirror.

    The sweater sounds delicious...

  4. Yes. My jean skirts. Because they are, like yours, annoying over tights, and twist around when I walk. But I feel the need to have at least one workable one, so I keep looking for the perfect non-annoying denim skirt.

    I guess you haven't found one, then? Also, sensual is right! Silk and angora -how luxurious. And how lovely on you.

  5. The color-block print on the blouse and the way you worked the pieces around it~ make this one of my all-time favorite looks on you. Now if you can just hold that pose... lol

    To answer your question, It is and always has been the jean skirt. Over the years I have tried all lengths. The WORST is when you take a step and it turns into a jean bubble at your crotch.

  6. Over50~Love berets; love to see you in one!
    Joy~lol... u gutta change that, gf!
    Terri~camera does have a different eye for reporting, no? Some things better; some things, not so much...
    Adubs~will you tell me if you find one? And I try slips; they don't work either....maybe they need to be lined...
    Lisa~You make me laugh..so true..the bubble crotch or something worse! And I saw on another blog how blue jean skirts were boring...must go for color!