Saturday, November 6, 2010

Remix and My Version

Well, I missed the cut off date for Kendi's 30 for 30~I just didn't have it together enough to list the 30 items.  But I love the idea of remixing items from your wardrobe, and being a cheap Yankee, I think I do it by rote anyway.  I  will also be on board for no shopping for 30 days, and I have a sewing project that I vow to  complete before I do shop again.  

In the creative spirit of this project,  above is my remix of my black skirt video. This skirt has been working as a great go-to piece because it is a perfect length, neutral color, has pockets, and has a great line.  I'll be posting other remixes as the month goes on also.

sewing project
 Anyone else in the spirit?


  1. I just can't commit to no shopping for 30 days right now. I'm too full swing in my thrifting! However, I do have quite a few projects that I want to get completed. Maybe I can commit to finishing those......Crap! Commitment scares me! LOL ~Serene

  2. Paula--contact Kendi!!!!

    I love the material you're working with.

  3. After watching the video--it's the last remix I like the BEST.

  4. Yes! this makes me want to break out my sewing machine. We should do some kind of challenge involving sewing a skirt... or any sewing project, really. (Because I'm not together enough to do the 3o x 30 challenge).

  5. Do you read Gertie's Blog for Better Sewing?

    Oh how I wish I had time to sew like she does.

    No new projects for me! I've got to spraypaint a wooden tray I bought 5 years ago and recently re-found so I can use it for Thanksgiving.

  6. In the next 30 days I'm traveling to too many different climates to make a 30 piece wardrobe work. But I may do it on my own in January.

    Love the skirt fabric!

  7. Serene~I know committment is tough! And its a long 30 day committment! You are funny~can't stop shopping!
    Terri~Wasn't it hard to pick the 30? It would be like packing and picking the wrong things...
    Vanessa~I am sewing that skirt--please join me!
    Rose~I will check out Gerties blog and I cant even think about the holidays yet....
    Still~ that sounds exciting! Where are you going?