Friday, November 5, 2010

Ethnic Tunic

Ahhh, my hot cup in the morning.  Sometimes I think it is an appendage....helps on a dreary day like today!

To the outfit--my wardrobe was lacking in tunic type tops to go with my beloved jeggings/leggings.  I found this ethnic style dress on the sale rack at Marshall's, along with the linen style tunic.  This reversible vest is so old, but it is right on the mark this year.  It sports poodle style faux fur on one side; suede on the other.

Got my jeggings and my winkle pickers on--great for the rain.  This outfit is perfect for the super casual office I work in.

And its FRIDAY!!! (from one who only started working again two weeks ago!)

Do you have an appendage in the morning?


  1. That dress looks amazing. Can you layer under it so you can show more of it off?

    (Great trench, too.)

  2. So, just what is IN that cup? Coffee, tea, chocolate, brandy?

    I really like this look! You can get away with jeggings in a way I don't think I could, but maybe I shouldn't say that until I've tried them.
    I like how the ethnic pattern shoes through the tunic. My favorite part of this though is the reversible vest!

  3. Very cute! I love the tunic peaking through the top! And it's okay to be glad it's matter how long you've been back to's one of the perks of being a working stiff: singing "Thank God it's Friday!" ~Serene

  4. Still~ The dress is very cute, but very, shall we say, cheap? I will show some more of it under just the vest maybe!
    Terri~Tea is in that cup and Teavanna tea~all crazy flavors. I think it was chocolat mint that day....You would love the vest--the only thing is it is getting a little stiff...
    Serene~I liked it peaking out rather than taking the whole show, as see above~so I thought the linen top would give it more, how you say, quality?

  5. Terri~you have to try the leggings--you have the legs for them--I tell you, you will love them!!!!
    Right, Still?

  6. I carry a tea mug. I love your layering - very nice! I admit I laughed at "winkle pickers" - I haven't heard that in years (I know that winkles are snails)!

    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog, Paula! I really appreciate it. :)