Monday, November 15, 2010

Silk Skirt Week

Just sort of playing around, but I thought this week I would do a theme.  Maybe it'll help to rotate some of those clothes I haven't worn in a while.  So this week the theme is SILK SKIRTS.

While watching football yesterday, I sketched some outfits, and noted some items that have disappeared from my rotation.  Its funny how I could remember items bought years ago, but will find these sketches helpful, because I won't be able to remember a thing in the morning!

Back to today's outfit.  What I learned today was that you really can mix neutrals!  Growing up I was taught not to combine black and blue or black and brown; white and beige, or beige and grey.  Now I find it looks good!  Surprise, surprise!  On the other hand, I discovered I couldn't combine any kind of green, and my green body suit is a no!

skirt~Banana Republic
Oh, and more details.  These clogs are just so comfy~don't mean to say it over and over again but....  And love my textured stockings.  Note the grey and beige combo~

Where you taught not to mix beige and grey?


  1. Yes! and I was also taught not to mix black and brown and it is now one of my favorites. But, as you so skillfully proved....IT WORKS!

  2. Paula--yes, I picked up that bit of information! However, several years ago we re-did our living room and that is the primary color scheme in that room. It's proven to be great for family photos. Now, dressing in contrasting neutrals...I still don't have the hang of that. I see others do it all the time and admire it.

    I realize I don't own a single silk skirt!

  3. My mother was very beige. It could go with anything. Green and gray is what I never learned to mix -- now I love it.

  4. I don't know who taught me that! I've seen so many bloggers wearing brown and gray this season and now I need to do it too! I'll feel like such a rebel!! LOL

  5. I've been having similar realizations about mixing neutrals. Maybe styles have just changed? I've been really enjoying mixing navy and black. I think my mother would have a heart attack if she saw me doing this! EEK. I'm really looking forward to the rest of your skirt series. I'm always on the lookout for fun printed skirts that are appropriate for work, but I always tend to wear them in the same way - just styled really simply. I'm looking for new ideas!

  6. I love that skirt. Mixing greens is tricky even i decorating.

  7. I like mixing colour nuetral colours, it usually makes for a harmonious outfit.

    I love silk & and I LOVE your cape (its beautiful) sounds like you are going to have a fashionable week!

    ~Em K

    ps. thanks for the blog link haven't had a chance to check it out yet, but I will before I take my next outfit shots.

  8. Hey, me and my other "over fifty" preschool teacher friends are in desperate need of your advice! Love the blog and hearing about how you pass the time during football games!!
    And how about all those boots...
    Guess Who
    ps HAPPY "fifty something" BIRHTDAY

  9. All of my friends have always cautioned against mixing navy and black. That "bruised look" seems to be the biggest no-no, but all the ladies in my family (mom, grandma) have always combined it flawlessly. Now I wear it with pride!
    PS. can i say it again? your clogs are cute! I just ordered a furry pair myself, but I fear I won't like them as well as yours.

  10. Love the skirt
    I think these days you can get away with mixing any colors and any prints.
    The sky's the limit.
    I am for one love the possibilites

  11. There is never limit to creation. If you think it goes, it does!!!!
    Lovely skirt and sketches. Looking forward to more outfits.

  12. Over50~It does work--I'm glad to get a confirmation--sometimes you never know and one day its in; the next, its OUT!
    Terri~But if it works so well in your living room, why not in clothes? But I know what you mean, sometimes it doesn't look right.
    Rose~that made me laugh--your mother was very beige...beige was huge for a time there--suposed to have been very rich looking..
    Joy~who thought this could be so much fun?
    Becca~That is our generation...lots of rules. I hope I can inspire you with the rest of the skirts--mine is simple styling also. I work in a construction type office, so nothing too funky!
    Concrete Primrose~green is tricky-so many different shades. Red is tough too.
    Thanks Em K~The cape was resurrected this year and have worn it A LOT!
    Maryellen~Heard about the family to-do about my boots---even my husband is getting involved now...oh-oh. Hope you all stop by again! Have Julie tell you all about my blogging epiphany!
    Vanessa~Kudos to your mom and grandmother! I guess your style is hereditary~
    Can't wait to see your fuzzy clogs!
    Silvergirl~so true, you CAN get away with a lot more and I'm going for it!
    Sacramento~Creating is a process, isnt it? With no boundaries, really!

  13. Paula, this is one of my favorites of yours!!! I love this so much!!! I'm finding that often throwing stuff together works so well and it helps not to take it all so seriously. Gorgeous! ~Serene

  14. amazing tights.r u selling :( plssss