Friday, October 8, 2010

Traveling Companions

jacket~ Kohls
clogs~Ann Klein, Nordstrom Rack
Here I am at the airport in my traveling gear.  Had to do layers as temperature fluctuates while in the air.  Skirt you have seen before, but I have winterized it with darker stockings and darker jacket and top.  The shoes-ahhhh, the shoes!  Love how comfortable they are for walking, not lovin' the way they look!  I knew they didn't make it but I wore them anyway.  (Yup, they are fur clogs!!!)  The paparazzi will have a field day....

My new traveling companion is my new camera and case.  The case I made from this rough piece of leather, and I wanted to keep its rough look--a bit like something an American Indian might carry his tools in.  It feels great and does its job very well!

cut, stitched, wrapped with satin ribbon and tied with button
 What are your traveling companions?


  1. what a cool carrying case! I spend $30 on a fancy one that is actually too small for mine.

    Also, this is a wonderful skirt...and I've been scouting for fleece lined mocs. No luck, yet.

    Have a safe trip!

  2. I'm really feelin' that skirt! And the camera case, that's really creative. I'm enjoying figuring out my new camera. Have fun!

  3. Hey, the key to pulling off fur-lined clogs is wearing them with panache! I think you've got it covered. I've not yet found winter footwear that's as easy in the airport as my summer flip-flops or backless sandals. Yet another thing to shop for!

  4. Footwear at the airport doesn't count! I always end up wearing whatever shoe is the bulkiest to save space in my bag.

    Adore the skirt...the outfit really works!

  5. I love the hand crafted case too, it's gorgeous!

  6. I like this outfit! And the case. And I like the attitude, as well -- sometimes our eye tells us that some element or other of a look is a bit off, but our gut tells us we want to wear it anyway. I don't think we should always let our eye rule. Bravo!

  7. Terri~I know, those camera cases can get pricey! I'll keep my eye out for fleece lined mocs for you!
    Elegant~having fun with my camera too! lots of pics of the weekend...
    Anne~very hard to find cool shoes for the airport--but we will keep trying!
    Still--I like that--it shouldnt count at the airport! Love that!
    Thanks Lisa~
    Materfamilias~I can now say, shoes dont count at the airport-- a la Still Redheaded--I feel free!