Sunday, October 10, 2010


Today, I will forgo  Profound Thoughts. I had to throw all fashion styling out the window this weekend and do as the Romans do, as they say.  It wasn't long after we arrived for a football weekend, that we discovered one must wear the colors of the team, or be totally uncool.  Lucky for me, the team colors are blue and gold--with yellow being one of my favorite colors!

Where it gets even luckier, is how well my skirt happened to go with this ensemble!  And as it got hotter, I realized, I had to go with the skirt.

But this is the real clincher.  Remember my gold sunglasses from a week ago with my sandals?   Can you believe this????
How serendipitous!  Any one else feeling serendipity???  


  1. Really enjoy your blog!! Hope you take a look at the one I write
    Let me know what you think!!

  2. the yellow looks fantastic on you! Sometimes travel leads to creative styling!

  3. WV... of course!
    I'll be looking out for my own serendipity today.
    It's fun to see you on location!

  4. Over50feeling40~Thanks for stopping by and YES will stop by your blog! Would love you to become a follower if you like my blog~Look forward to talking again soon~Paula
    Terri~so true; I was remembering your blog on your travels and how it does clear one's cobwebs...
    Lisa~on See you soon~